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17 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canberra

The magical world of Questacon and Floriade.

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1. It's a planned city.

Canberra was specifically custom planned and designed to be Australia's capital city, as a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne. The city was designed to incorporate significant areas of natural vegetation which is pretty damn cool.

2. It boasts a lot of great attractions such as Lake Burley Griffin...

3. The Australian War Memorial...

5. ...and of course, Questacon!

6. Traffic isn't all that bad, even in peak hour.

7. Location wise, it's only mere hours away from the beach, the snow and bigger cities like Sydney.

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8. And in winter, Canberra has an awesome winter ice-skating rink.

9. They have a place called Goodberry's, that does FROZEN CUSTARD.

11. Two words: Lonsdale street.

Where many trendy cafes and bars live.

12. And even though Vivid in Sydney is magical, Enlighten in Canberra is just as pretty.

13. The city celebrates Skyfire every March.

Run by radio station FM104.7, every year the event hosts live music with the backdrop of glittering fireworks. A great night out for friends, couples and families alike.

14. And every September Canberra hosts Floriade, the prettiest introduction to spring there is...

15. ...which is also completely magical at night.

16. In the spirit of celebration again, Canberra also boasts a hot air balloon festival.

How can you dislike Canberra and their enthusiasm for celebrating all the things?

17. And let's not forget, the city is really pretty.