• tad

      Its Group and Event features are great. You can definitely ignore the News Feed of status updates and the rest of the features are basically fluff to keep you “engaged,” however the two aforementioned features are absolutely essential for everyday life (maybe that’s just my experience, but from what I’ve seen it plays a very important role in the lives of others as well). Groups allow me to communicate and collaborate with, well, groups in my life (my soccer team, my university and dorm hall, gaming buddies in my guild, and any other kind of group or club I’m involved in); it’s more than simply talking to each other, you can (for example) work on projects together and schedule things together, which brings me to my next point. Events allow me to be informed of things I should attend and inform others (it’s a fast and easy way of getting a message out, and you no longer have to bother with things like sending postcards, putting up fliers, or calling people); for example, I found events to be essential for my university experience as it allowed me to know about campus events and parties. I would also argue that private messaging (Chat) is one of the best areas and uses of the site, though some people prefer pure texting for some reason. To put it in simple terms, the reason I think a lot of people use it is simply to stay in contact with people. I know that, without Facebook as the go-to social network, I would have lost contact with many of my great friends. My dad loves it because it allows him to stay in contact with family and old friends that he hadn’t communicated with in years, in a simpler, more open and inviting medium.

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