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13 Reasons Why Not Fitting In As A Kid Makes You An Awesome Adult

Cooties are just swag in disguise.

1. You are wise beyond your years:

2. Cooties are just swag in disguise:

3. Weirdos always grow up to rule the world — just turn on your TV:

4. You're ready to handle what the world throws at you:

5. Not having any game during high school forces you to fine-tune your charm in different ways:

6. Not fitting in is a good thing:

7. Because it actually means you are going to grow up to create some dope shit that no one else would think of:

8. Even though you may feel like you are invisible, the "strangest" people end up leaving the greatest mark on the world:

9. Because the greatest people you will ever meet are weird too:

10. You should never try to be anyone other than yourself:

11. Because you'll end up growing into your weirdness. And you will love it:

12. Even Justin Timberlake says so:

13. P.S.