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21 Things Muslims Fasting During Ramadan Know To Be True

Ramadan is here!

1. The first few days of Ramadan, you start off strong:

CBS Television Distribution

But by the last few days...

2. This agonizing moment when you wake up for Suhoor and the Fajr Athan goes off:

New Line Cinema

3. If you do manage to wake up, you struggle to keep your eyes open during suhoor time.

4. You eat as much as you can but you're not even that hungry because it's the middle of the night:


5. Your stomach will growl the entire day:

20th Century Fox Television / Via

6. You get whiffs of food and it smells GOOD.

Children's Television Workshop
Children's Television Workshop

7. But then you eventually snapback to reality and realize one of the many things you are learning while fasting:

Children's Television Workshop / Via

8. But sometimes you may momentarily forget you are fasting and put food into your mouth:

NBCUniversal / Via


9. This is you during any work/school lunches or any food related events:

10. Where you will undoubtedly have to have this conversation:

Had one of those 'really, not even water?!' conversations today. #RamadanProblems

Zaib Shaikh@Zaib_Shaikh

Had one of those 'really, not even water?!' conversations today. #RamadanProblems

7:01 PM - 12 Jul 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. You get very irritated and HANGRY but catch yourself and try to be patient and kind instead:

World of Wonder Productions
World of Wonder Productions

12. Meanwhile the only date you are looking forward to the entire day is this one:

13. Your breath is definitely NSFW

20th Century Fox / Via

14. This:

15. The last few minutes before you break your fast feel like forever:

Paramount Pictures

16. But then ... FOOD <3

Disney / Via

17. Sometimes you might jump the gun:

18. But before you know it, you will have completed your fast for the day and it will be time for Taraweeh.

Haim Saban / Shuki Levy

19. Which sometimes comes with its own set of issues:

16 Pairs of Shoes To Wear To The Masjid That No One Will Steal #MuslimBuzzFeed

Mashaal Mithi@SmashedPotatoes

16 Pairs of Shoes To Wear To The Masjid That No One Will Steal #MuslimBuzzFeed

4:56 PM - 17 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

20. But you will make it. And though fasting isn't easy, it's ultimately very rewarding.

21. And then you'll end your Ramadan just the way your started it: debating whether or not the moon has been sighted.

Eid Mubarak, y'all.

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