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    19 Things That Are Guaranteed To Ruin Any Date

    ♫ Dating is the worssssssst ♪

    1. Lateness - the date is basically over before it even begins:

    2. Getting a huge pimple:

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    3. Unexpectedly getting your period:

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    4. Going on a date with someone so boring you forget their name as soon as it's over:

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    5. Taking time out to look put together and your date being an asshole about it:

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    6. Your date feeling more like a job interview than a date:

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    7. Awkward splitting the bill nonsense:

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    8. Uninvited boners:

    9. Being on a date and wishing you were on the same date ... just with somebody else:

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    10. Diarrhea:

    Disney / Via

    ... and other intestinal concerns.

    11. Your date talking about his or her ex on your date:


    kindly place those skeletons back in the closet.

    12. Mustaches:

    Debmar-Mercury / Via

    13. Finding the piece of food in your date's teeth more interesting than what they are saying:

    Buena Vista

    14. Forced sexiness:

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    15. Having to fake smile/fake laugh:

    20th Television / Via

    And the Oscar goes to....

    16. Awkward "Wanna come upstairs?" talk:

    DreamWorks / Via

    17. Neglected hair removal because you weren't expecting the date to go so well:

    Disney Channel Productions / Via

    18. Being on a date with someone who only wants to talk about him or herself:

    Warner Bros. / Via

    19. Your date making up a lame excuse to leave early:

    HBO / Via

    People are the worst.


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