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32 Times "One Tree Hill" Made You Cry For 2 Hours

"Don't worry, little brother. You're my plus one."

1. When Lucas didn't understand what Brooke wanted.

2. And when Brooke read what Lucas had written about her.

3. When Karen realised her daughter would never know Keith.

4. When Peyton opened up to Lucas.

5. And when he told her that it mattered.

6. When Dan saw how good Hayley was for his son.

7. When Brooke and Julian made a lifelong commitment.

8. When Quentin died.

9. When Dan saved Jamie.

10. Because they were best friends.

11. When Lucas let Brooke into his world.

12. When Brooke told Lucas how her feelings for him had changed.

13. When the Tree Hill ladies absolutely nailed it.

14. When Nathan gave Hayley something.

15. When Keith tried to talk Jimmy out of doing a terrible thing.

16. But then Dan shot his own brother.

17. And then realised he was living in hell.

18. The first time Nathan and Hayley said "I love you".

19. When Jamie spoke the truth.

20. When Lucas didn't realise how much Peyton believed in him.

21. When Peyton and Lucas showed everyone that they were meant to be.

22. And Peyton just knew their story had a happy ending.

23. When Dan held his granddaughter for the first time.

24. When Brooke showed her vulnerable side.

25. When Lucas ~got~ Brooke.

26. When Brooke basically summed up how every twentysomething feels at some point.

27. When Hayley invited Dan to his son's wedding.

28. When Brooke told Lucas how she felt.

29. And got frustrated that he wouldn't open up to her.

30. When Peyton wanted to make sure Julian was serious about her best friend.

31. And he proved how well he knew her.

32. And finally, when Keith told Dan he was his plus one.