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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    22 Things University Friends Just Get

    No judging, lots of hungover eating, and some studying.

    1. If one of you gets too drunk, it is the rest of the group's responsibility to confiscate their phone, get them a pint of water, and send them to bed.


    But you must remember that there is a fine line between being ~too~ drunk and ~fun~ drunk. And if you friend is just fun drunk, it is your responsibility to make them dance.

    2. You must respect each other's craziness during revision time.

    3. Your friendship must always remain judgment-free.


    Judging people outside of your friendship group is encouraged, but judging each other is absolutely not. You're at uni, so you're going to see each other do some pretty gross stuff. There won't be time to be bothered by it.

    4. Especially when it comes to the quantity of food you're capable of eating on a hangover.

    5. No conversation topic is off-limits for you guys.


    Going to uni together means growing up together, so you're going to have to ask each other a lot of embarrassing questions about sex. And that's OK.

    6. Conversations about which one of you is going to get married first are important.

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    Also which one of you is going to become a millionaire first, and which one of you is going to get arrested first.

    7. You all share pretty much the exact same sense of humour.


    So when you're hanging out with others and you all start cackling at the same time, they might be unnerved.

    8. And you all speak in the exact same way.

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    Which will freak out your S.O.s a bit.

    9. In fact, you probably can't even remember the origins of most of your jokes.

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    They probably started in a kebab shop queue one time, but you don't remember when or why.

    10. You know all of each other's most shameful secrets, including the ones you can't tell anyone else.

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    It's perfectly fine to embarrass your uni mate by telling their home friends about the time they threw up on the street. But there are some stories that are off-limits.

    11. You've witnessed each other's bad decisions on countless occasions.

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    In fact, you were probably their wingman at the start of the bad-decision-making process.

    12. You've spent numerous days doing absolutely nothing together, which means you know how to have fun in any situation.

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    You could probably spend any period of time with your uni friends and not get bored.

    13. You're got your club routine down to a tee.

    14. But you know that pre-drinking is the best part of any night out.

    15. You're there for each other through every break-up, family argument, and work-based crisis.

    16. But especially the relationship dramas.


    Uni is a dramatic time for relationships, whether you're in one or not. And you're there for your pals whatever their situation.

    17. And you're always called upon to act as a buffer when your mates get visits from awkward family members.


    But you usually get a free dinner out of it, so it's not all bad.

    18. You're stupidly excited for each other when you all start working your lives out.

    19. You've probably heard each other have sex at some point.


    You can laugh about it, but you can't make fun.

    20. Which means your relationship is pretty boundary-free.


    Vomit, nudity, and crying in the shower are all ~fine~.

    21. You support each other unconditionally.


    If your friend needs you to make their nasty ex feel bad, you'll do it. And if they need to sleep in your bed because they're too drunk to move, you'll spoon them.

    22. And you know that your friendship is going to last waaaaaay beyond university.


    You guys are friends for life.

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