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21 Things All Housemates Who've Lived Together Two Years Know

Your booze is my booze. My booze is your booze.

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2. You know each other's favourite take away orders.

You actually have a system. It involves ordering twice the amount of food you need. And then eating it all in one sitting. And then having a lie down.

4. You have a system for when you bring people back late at night.

If you see someone new's shoes by the front door, you leave your housemate alone until they're ready for a mega debrief. And everyone closes their bedroom doors.


6. You know exactly what your housemate needs when they're drunk.

And you know not to remind them of what they ate the next morning.

7. And you know what horrendous combination of foods will cure their hangover.

Because you've lived together so long, you share the same hangover cravings.


10. You know just how long your housemate is capable of spending in front of the TV.

And you always, always join them.


15. You go through all your most ridiculous fads together.

Juicing, tanning, running, lol.


17. And you've been known to host a fancy dinner party or two.

It makes you feel pretty grown up.

19. You've lived together long enough to know you don't need to ask before borrowing something.

What's theirs is yours, and what's yours is theirs. As long as you replace what you've taken afterwards.