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    24 Things '00s Kids Are Still Trying To Work Out

    If it wasn't Shaggy, who was it?

    1. Why a hot room required Nelly to take off all his clothes.

    2. What went wrong with Wills.

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    3. Why on earth this flawless relationship ended.

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    4. If it wasn't Shaggy, who was it?

    5. Whether your best friend or your boyfriend was more important.

    6. Why walls killed snakes.

    7. What happened to Britney.

    8. And Mischa.

    9. And Lindsay.

    10. How they made scented gel pens smell so good.

    11. What possessed Paul to leave S Club and ruin everything.

    12. How people managed to use ink erasers without making their pages go furry.

    13. Why your hair never turned out like this when you crimped it.

    14. How Will Young beat Gareth Gates.

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    15. Which Impulse scent truly represented you.

    16. How Landon managed to stay SO STRONG.

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    17. Why you never got chain letters back.

    18. Why your aliens never had babies.

    19. How Cassie and Sid took so long to work it out they were meant to be together.

    20. How mood rings were always so damn accurate.

    21. How to draw an envelope without taking your pen off the paper and going over the same line twice.

    22. How to unsubscribe once you'd bought a ringtone from the back of a magazine.

    23. Why you weren't allowed a Motorola RAZR.

    24. But most of all, why the world hasn't realised the true musical genius of Paris Hilton.

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