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    Someone Has Baked A Life-Size Johnny Depp Cake

    And it might be the best thing anyone has ever done.

    Here are two photographs of Johnny Depp. One is of a man. One is of a cake.

    The cake is 5ft 5in (1m 65cms) tall.


    It was made by Lara Clarke, an amateur baker from Brownhills, for the Cake International competition in Birmingham.

    Lara started baking two years ago, after watching a series of YouTube tutorials.


    She's previously made cakes of Miley Cyrus, Paul O'Grady and K.Middy. But Johnny Depp has been her most ambitious project yet.

    "One of my friends was on the phone and said I should enter Cake International," she told the BBC.

    "At the time I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean...I thought [Johnny Depp] would make the perfect cake.

    "It took me 90 hours to make. We live with my fiancé's parents and I think they will be pleased to get rid of it.

    "When my father-in-law first saw him, he leapt about 10ft in the air thinking we had burglars."

    The competition is tomorrow. GOOD LUCK, LARA.