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    33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millenials

    You don't know what you've got til it's gone.

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    1. Rachel Stevens


    "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" was an absolute banger, and it's a crying shame that the kids of today will never acknowledge Rachel Stevens for the musical goddess she is. They'll just think she's that lady that didn't win Celebrity Masterchef.

    2. Mis Teeq


    "All I Want" is as good as a time machine. Whack it on, and you are transported straight to a dancefloor in the '00s. No, Alesha Dixon is not "just a talent show judge". She is one part of this almighty R&B trio that history has betrayed.

    3. 3 Of A Kind


    We let them have one song and then they were gone! Forever gone!

    4. Sonique

    Phantom Sound

    If you don't think "It Feels So Good" is a timeless anthem, you're simply wrong. Even the blue, metallic boob tube that Sonique wears in the video is iconic.

    5. Hear'Say


    The one in the middle is in Corrie, the one on the right is on daytime telly, the other three, idk. But their music (including the brilliant "Pure and Simple") has disappeared without a trace. I blame the apostrophe.

    6. 5ive


    "Everybody get up singing! One, two, three, four..." 5ive were fucking incredible. They were our N'Sync, our Backstreet Boys. Why have we forgotten?

    7. Brian McFadden


    You fancied him and so did your mum. We were all rooting for him, but then he disappeared.

    8. The 411

    Sony Music

    It baffles me that The 411 never made it big. One of them was off Kerching! and they were supposed to be our answer to Destiny's Child. Listen to "Dumb" and ask yourself why you let them disappear.

    9. Kate Nash


    She was the cute vintage-dress-wearing girl we all wanted to be back in 2007. Presumably these days she's wearing baggy jumpers and DMs but who knows??

    10. A1

    Warner Bros.

    Dreamy, dreamy guys. Plus, "Take On Me" was an anthem. So they didn't write it themselves, who does? Should be right up there with One Direction in terms of fame, but life is unfair.

    11. David Sneddon

    Mercury Records

    We were all completely head over heels in love with David when he released "Stop Living The Lie" back in 2003, and then like a smoke ring he just vanished.

    12. Samantha Mumba


    She's so glamorous she seems American, but she's Irish! We should've shown her a bit more of effing loyalty over the years. Because where is she now? Tut.

    13. La Roux


    "In For The Kill" felt properly edgy back in 2009. Hipsters were everywhere, everyone was getting cooler, and for a very, very, very brief moment La Roux was our soundtrack.

    14. One True Voice


    Girls Aloud may have beaten One True Voice to number one (girls are better than boys, obvi), but we shouldn't have cast them aside as readily as we did. Shame on us.

    15. S Club Juniors

    Polydor Records

    S Club Juniors turned me into a jealous bitch and quite honestly I'm OK with that. They were like eight years old but they released hit after hit: "Automatic High", "Puppy Love", and "One Step Closer" are indisputable classics.

    16. Duffy


    She and Adele came out around the same time. One of them went on to be Adele.

    17. Liberty X


    "Just A Little" came on the radio when I was driving recently and I went absolutely mental. Forgot it existed, but still knew all the words – sign of a true classic.

    18. Michelle McManus

    Sony BMG

    She was the nation's sweetheart for like five minutes back in 2004, and how do we reward our sweethearts? We just completely forget about them.

    19. Blazin' Squad


    It's only because of Marcel on Love Island that the youth of today will have heard of Blazin' Squad. But let's face it, they won't get goosebumps listening to "Crossroads" like we do.

    20. Big Brovaz


    "Nu Flow" should be on everyone's running playlist, end of.

    21. Estelle


    This disappearance feels especially harsh, because Estelle is so astronomically talented. Just listen to "American Boy" again.

    22. Little Boots


    She was meant to be a global megastar, but instead no one has seen or heard from her since Leeds '09. Baffling.

    23. Diana Vickers


    Scruffy haired X Factor person who looked like she could've been a member of the royal family. Her voice was very weird but we were into it.

    24. Sandi Thom


    I was doing my GCSEs when this song came out. I remember the lyrics to "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" but I don't remember Pythagoras' theorem and I think that says something??

    25. The Noisettes


    They were meant to be huge? What happened?

    26. So Solid Crew


    Honestly, these guys should be music royalty with their own line of headphones. Instead some of them have been on Celebrity Big Brother.

    27. Katie Melua


    Year 9 me wanted Katie Melua to do well. Present day me wonders where she is.

    28. Javine


    It's worth listening to "Real Things" again. She was too talented for Girls Aloud anyway.

    29. Daniel Bedingfield


    I'm running out of ways to say "this was a banger" but my god "Gotta Get Thru This" was. His sister may have done the soundtrack for The Hills but Daniel wrote THE breakup anthem of the '00s.

    30. Alex Parks


    She was the coolest person to ever win one of those reality shows and yet she seems to have fallen off the planet. We're fools.

    31. Corinne Bailey Rae


    She's trapped in amber: forever the easy, breezy sound of summer 2006, unable to surface again in 2017.

    32. The Ting Tings


    So cute, so quirky, so gone before their time.

    33. Miss Dynamite


    If you don't know the lyrics to "Dy-Na-Mi-Tee" you are not worth my time, goodbye.