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You're Never Going To Look As Good As Paris And Nicole So You May As Well Give Up Now

Friendship fashion goals.

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Paris Hilton is a pretty glamorous lady.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

And Nicole Ritchie's pretty well-dressed too.

Getty Images / Jason Merritt

Which means that when they hang out together, they look ~fLaWlEsS~.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

And no matter how hard you and your BFF may try, you're never going to look as hot as these ladies.

1. Have you ever paired your favourite jeans with a denim suit jacket and worn absolutely nothing underneath?

Getty Images / David Klein

2. Ever coordinated red eyeshadow with red hair extensions and worn a top that goes down to underneath your actual bellybutton?

Getty Images / Vince Bucci

3. Ever dressed entirely in fluorescent yellow while your BFF wore a white suit like the powerful woman that she is?

Getty Images / Doug Benc

4. Of course you haven't. That's because you're not as cool as Paris and Nicole. You'd look rubbish in coordinated floaty dresses.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

5. You couldn't pull off hot pink and leopard-print like these ladies.

Getty Images / Evan Agostini

6. And you'd look pretty silly in these clashing patterns.

Getty Images / Dan Steinberg

7. Face it, ladies. You'll never reach the heights of Paris and Nicole.

Getty Images / Peter Kramer

8. You'll never rock a baby-blue floral print like Paris.

Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

9. You'll never rock bright yellow and brown hair extensions like Nicole.

Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

10. So you may as well give up now.

Getty Images / Amanda Edwards

11. Because no matter how wide you blow-dry your hair...

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

12. matter how many ruffles your skirt contains...

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

13. matter how much of only one shade you wear...

Getty Images / Kevin Winter'll never beat them.

14. So just give up. Accept you've lost.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

15. Because, ladies and gentlemen, fashion has peaked.

Getty Images / Vince Bucci