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23 Pictures That Prove Blondes Really Are Dumb

But they're so much fun!

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1. Everyone knows that blondes are dumb!

Instagram: @susythepilot

3. And they're always being silly.

Instagram: @alpha

5. They don't take life too seriously.

Instagram: @devilbirdrobyn

6. And they're always up for a laugh.

Instagram: @ingrid_ky

12. Blondes are just so dizzy!

Instagram: @jcs_

15. Everyone knows that blondes have more fun than brunettes!

Instagram: @bumperjones

17. And they're not sporty either.

Instagram: @run4prs

19. And they're kind of slow on the uptake!

Instagram: @miss_goodwrench

21. They're just a bit slower than brunettes.

Instagram: @iwonablecharczyk_official

22. But they'll get there in the end!

Instagram: @carolineharmer2