23 Pictures That Prove Blondes Really Are Dumb

    But they're so much fun!

    1. Everyone knows that blondes are dumb!

    2. They're just sooooo ditzy!

    3. And they're always being silly.

    4. Blondes just really love having a good time!

    5. They don't take life too seriously.

    6. And they're always up for a laugh.

    7. Blondes are never ambitious.

    8. Because they're too busy having fun!

    9. They're too busy partying!

    10. And they definitly can't cook.

    12. Blondes are just so dizzy!

    13. They're always kinda slow.

    14. But hey, at least they're always up for a party!

    15. Everyone knows that blondes have more fun than brunettes!

    16. But they're not actually funny.

    17. And they're not sporty either.

    18. They don't achieve big things.

    19. And they're kind of slow on the uptake!

    20. So if you tell a blonde a joke, you might have to repeat it!

    21. They're just a bit slower than brunettes.

    22. But they'll get there in the end!

    23. They're just kinda silly!