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A "Friends" Super-Fan Made A Tiny And Intricate Shrine To The Show

Featuring every single corner of Monica and Rachel's apartment. Via Bruna Conforto.

Bruna Conforto, a 23-year-old from Brazil, loves Friends.

She also loves designing and creating miniatures.

So, naturally, she created an exact replica of Monica and Rachel's apartment.

Using only cardboard, she made everything from the balcony...

... to the fire escape...

... to Monica and Chandler's wedding photo.

It's all so tiny.

So intricate.

So perfect.

From the plates on the wall in the kitchen...

... to the famous purple door...

... to Monica's collection of cookery books....

... and the cupboard that she hid all of her mess in...

... it's all there.

A perfect cardboard Friends shrine.