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    29 Pictures Of '90s And '00s Teenage Bedrooms That'll Take You Back

    So many posters.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best pictures of their '90s and ’00s teen bedrooms. Here are some of their responses.

    1. "Walls outfitted with Aaron Carter and the Olsen twins. Bedspread courtesy of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Walmart collection."

    β€” Cate88 (2001/2002)

    2. "Very pink!"

    "Featuring a bonus new oven that was being stored in my room before it was installed. I used it as a makeshift TV stand by cleverly disguising it with some crushed velvet material I had lying around." β€” Fizzy Pop

    3. "I Want To Believe poster. Noah Wyle. Now & Then. No Doubt. And overalls."

    β€” flanneryo (1997)

    4. "I was 17/18 when these photos were taken."

    β€” oceansunset (2000/2001)

    5. "Beatles nerd? Check. Anime? Check. Comics? Check. Toys and action figures? Check."

    "I was a late '90s/early '00s geek." β€” halleym

    6. "Back in the day I loved art, AFI, and Savage Garden."

    "Note the old-school desktop and lava lamp in the background where I did all my dead journaling. I was allowed to paint the whole 'Art of Drowning' landscape and a mockup of 'The Scream' on my walls. There are lots of lyrics painted in the black boxes." β€” torip4efec8f23

    7. "I loved my pop punk emo bands."

    "I wish you could see my wall of Laguna Beach magazine cutouts on the left" β€” samanthado

    8. "Lol."

    9. "All of my walls were like this with various Blink-182, McFly, Eminem, and Leonardo DiCaprio posters alongside photos of my friends and family and a whole load of random leaflets."

    "How it didn’t drive me insane I’ll never know; I get a headache looking at it now! My bedroom is now painted cream and VERY minimalist walls!" β€” stephaniex1991

    10. "My closet door covered with posters of Joe from New Kids on the Block, my first crush."

    "I was 13 years old and planning to marry him as soon as possible." β€” talim (1991)

    11. "Here it is on a bad/normal day."

    12. "I was 13 years old."

    β€” Beerguac (1992)

    13. "Obviously cleaning up before taking pictures was out of the question."

    14. "I worked very hard on the wall collage and I’m also a runner to so I just had to hang my numbers up."

    15. "Ta-da!"

    16. "I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore, Titanic, and the WB."

    "I changed the pictures on the wall regularly, and at one point it was entirely Drew Barrymore. I also had the obligatory love beads on my window, a Caboodles (that I still have), and β€” if you look closely at the makeup at my awesome makeup table β€” some old-school Hard Candy nail polish." β€” kimkimomgkim

    17. "In true ’90s fashion, I was goddamned obsessed with the Beatles and bell-bottoms. But especially the Beatles."

    18. "All of the Aaron Carter pictures!"

    19. "Three words: too many posters."

    20. "I was in love with Jeremy Sumpter. Also, just look at that metallic cabinet… Why?"

    "To the left you can see where my Peter Pan poster got cut off." β€” nettiemoore

    21. "My decorating style was like, 'Ew, why did I choose that Pepto pink in fourth grade? Lemme attach anything I can get my hands on to the walls.'"

    "My sister wasn’t too happy after she moved in when I went to college. She soon realized I had affixed most things to the wall using a stapler. She was spackling for dayyyysss." β€” girlwithpinkglasses

    22. "I had a Justin Timberlake problem in elementary school."

    23. "I was obsessed with '80s music so the walls were covered with pages ripped out of vintage magazines, pictures from my childhood, and random writing/drawings done by friends."

    β€” Padawan Ryan (2007)

    24. "I desperately wanted a Hawaiian-themed bedroom during high school, so I went a little crazy with tacky knickknacks."

    "My favorites included my palm tree piggy bank, Hawaiian shirt wall clock, and leis sprinkled around the room." β€” maryv437750b2c

    25. "My bedroom shortly after I graduated high school."

    26. "I was so proud of how covered the walls were."

    27. "Aaawww adolescence."

    "My peace sign rug, my wall collage, how I managed to shove every color under the rainbow into a 10’ by 10’ space..." β€” b49abd8f28

    28. "Haha."

    29. "Just hanging out in my room, talking on my cordless."

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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