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26 Times Britain Totally Lost The Plot In The '90s

It was a strange, very baggy, time.

1. Back in the '90s, Mr Blobby was a thing. A man in a pink polka dot suit was a thing that was just...there.

2. And this was a No. 1 hit. A tune entirely about the concept of blue reached No. 1 in the UK charts.

3. So did "Barbie Girl". A song containing the lyric "Life in plastic, it's fantastic!" was the most popular song in the UK for 21 whole days.

4. Meanwhile, this little piece of oddness made it to No. 9.

5. Back in the '90s, these little guys required more attention than your actual pets and children.

6. And this was the most valuable currency.

7. Back in the day, no one was considered more attractive than these five men wearing layers, and waistcoats, and jumpers knitted by their nans.

8. And this young couple were hands down the most stylish people the world has seen.

9. The '90s were a time when business tycoons hired naked models and red sofas for their PR stunts.

10. Prominent footballers were painted as Jesus.

11. And no one seemed to question Peter Andre's style choices.

12. These were the women you fancied in the '90s:

Konnie Huq, Ellie from Newsround, and Martine McCutcheon were total babes back then. And tbf, they still are.

13. And these were the men you fancied:

Jamie Theakston, Ben from A1, and Craig David = hubba hubba.

14. In the '90s, people spoke to their toys in the hope that they would somehow gain the capacity to learn a literal language.

15. They genuinely believed that putting two alien-shaped pieces of rubber back to back in a fridge overnight would make them birth a new alien-shaped piece of rubber.

16. And they worried that drinking too much orange juice would dye your actual skin orange. Forever.

17. This is what girl bands looked like in the '90s:

18. And this is what our boy bands looked like:

19. And this is what our wildest dreams looked like:

20. Back in the '90s, this was a look that not only made sense, but was actually kind of aspirational.

21. This was a genuine crisp storage method that other people were jealous of.

22. And this is what we used to listen to music.

23. Back then, this man defined #FitnessInspo.

On the left, he's wearing a bum bag and posing with Cindy Crawford. On the right, he's going for a dip in Costa del Sol with Anthea Turner.

24. This little guy made sure none of your mistakes were permanent.

25. And these were five legitimately cool outfits that normal people saw on TV, liked, and then tried to emulate.

26. But we were still allowed to eat Turkey Twizzlers in the '90s, so Britain was doing something right.