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    36 Little Victories That Made '00s Kids Feel Unbeatable

    With a pink Motorola Razr, nothing was bringing you down.

    1. Getting to the end of your Slip 'N Slide without flying off the end and getting grass burns.

    2. Nailing every step on your dance mat.

    3. The person you voted for being eliminated from Big Brother.

    Bruno Vincent / Getty

    4. Figuring out a new way of making scoubidou bracelets.

    5. Running and having your trainers light up.

    6. Using a Stablio handwriting pen because you were nearly ready for a fountain pen.

    7. Smashing the Cha-Cha Slide.

    8. Your mother agreeing to buy you chunky school shoes.

    9. Picking a Mypace song that none of your friends had.

    10. Successfully drawing this envelope without taking your pen off the paper or going over the same line twice.

    11. Scheduling an appointment in your Dear Diary.

    12. Whacking your swing ball so hard your brother missed his shot.

    13. Getting your robot dog to do a backflip.

    14. Mastering the MSN pout.

    15. Overtaking Kaori on SSX.

    16. Popping out your rubber from your pop-out pencil case.

    17. Getting good seats at the new Harry Potter movie.

    AFP / Getty Images

    18. Pushing a thumb through your school jumper.

    19. Opening your freezer and finding a choc ice.

    20. Getting your Sims to WooHoo.

    21. Getting a Livestrong bracelet even though they'd all sold out.

    22. Sending a chain letter and getting one back.

    23. Getting a picture comment on MySpace without even saying "PC4PC".

    24. Getting a non-patchy temporary tattoo.

    25. Fitting a Hula Hoop on every finger and thumb.

    26. Finding a real hair scrunchie in your exact shade.

    27. Getting a new high score on Snake II.

    28. Figuring out what your friends would look like if you were in a band on DollzMania.

    29. Finding a headband with your name on it.

    30. Asking your rubber whether your crush fancied you back and getting YES.

    31. Your homework fitting on your floppy disk without you having to delete any files first.

    32. Managing to compose a Sugababes song on your Nokia 3310.

    33. Tipp-Ex mousing out your mistakes so it looked like you didn't make any.

    34. Answering calls by flipping your pink Motorola Razr.

    35. Not snapping the lead on your mechanical pencil.

    36. Putting two aliens back-to-back in the fridge together and getting alien babies*.

    *lol jk, this never happened

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