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    28 Little Reminders That Fashion Peaked In 2004

    And we've never been so stylish since.

    1. 2004 was the the year that fashion peaked.

    2. It was a year of hoop earrings, halter necks, and suede boots.

    3. A year of hip-hugging capri pants, leather wristbands, and polka dot skinny scarves.

    4. And a year of part-mesh camouflage caps.

    5. Back in 2004, Kanye dressed like a Geography teacher.

    6. Ashlee dressed like a yoga instructor.

    7. And Paris and Nicole dressed like, well... Paris and Nicole.

    8. In 2004, eyeliner was red.

    9. Dresses were like maybe 40% complete.

    10. And long-sleeved tops under t-shirts were a considered a very good look.

    11. A. Very. Good. Look.

    12. Men were into pairing silk shirts with silk ties.

    13. Women were into two-tone sunglasses.

    14. And Heidi Range was into showing off her bra and her pants from under her incredibly glamorous white suit.

    15. In 2004 it was perfectly acceptable to pair a cap with a suit jacket, jeans, and a skinny scarf.

    16. In 2004, fur ski boots were considered reasonable red carpet attire.

    17. And in 2004 Hilary Duff wore clothes that were all a few inches too short and still looked ~banging~.

    18. But mostly 2004 was the year of the blazer. Whether it was paired with a floaty top and flared jeans...

    19. ...fishnet tights and eyeshadow on your cheeks...

    20. ... or just tied around the waist with bling to match.

    21. In 2004 JLo wore the greatest shoes ever created.

    22. Christina Milian wore a full denim suit.

    23. And Victoria Beckham showed off some serious side boob.

    24. So, please. Let's start dressing like it's 2004 again. Let's bring back shirts with random letters and numbers on them.

    25. Let's bring back pink cotton pants that you can see under your jeans.

    26. And let's start wearing two outfits at once again.

    27. Craig knows it.

    28. Listen up, Vogue. Let's make this happen.