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24 Ways We Should All Be More Like Scandinavians

They have so much to teach us.

1. Let's ditch Santa Claus.

2. Pay more taxes.

3. Get cuter wildlife.

Huskies, reindeer and elks are basically the best animals.

4. Let's try to produce more men like this, please.

5. And make more TV dramas like this.

6. We really should stop giggling about nudity.

7. Be nicer to our mums.

8. And let's be nice to dads too.

9. Let's stop living so near each other.

10. Exclusive restaurants? Theirs are better.

11. We should stop working so hard.

12. And sort out our schools.

13. And our health care.

14. We ought to make liquorice salty.

15. We should fill rye crusts with rice.

16. Speaking of food, let's use cinnamon in so many more things.

17. We should celebrate Midsummer's Eve more.

18. We should write more books about girls like this.

19. Erm, let's carry our wives.

20. But seriously, let's watch better sports.

21. Let's have some more interesting royals.

22. Let's get inventive with our jams.

23. We really need to stop pretending that slushy stuff we sometimes get is snow.

24. And when it all goes wrong, let's learn to laugh.