How Trendy Were You?

Did you wear Ugg boots? What about a scrunchie? And a Gap hoodie?

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  1. 1. Tick the items you owned.

    Buffalo platforms.
    Hip huggers.
    A Stussy hoodie.
    Hair jewels.
    Hair glitter.
    Barry M glitter eyeliner.
    Hair mascara.
    A Jane Norman carrier.
    A Roxy backpack.
    Juicy Couture handbag.
    A Baby G.
    Yeti boots.
    UGG boots.
    Claire's Accessories zip earrings.
    A ring watch.
    A lollipop ring.
    A soother necklace.
    Hush Puppy chunky school shoes.
    Crimped hair.
    Butterfly hair clips.
    A seed bead necklace.
    A circle belt.
    A Jack Wills gilet.
    Sun-in highlights.
    A dog colllar.
    A studded bracelet.
    A studded belt.
    Flame Converse.
    Checkerboard Vans.
    A wallet chain.
    A Shaun the Sheep backpack.
    A mini leather backpack.
    Patchwork jeans.
    Jeans with no waistband.
    Home-made bell bottoms.
    A Ramones t-shirt.
    Adidas shell shoes.
    Reebok Classics.
    A Cowrie shell necklace.
    A candy necklace.
    Tinted sunglasses.
    Jelly shoes.
    Dax wax.
    Beachy hair.
    Coloured braces.
    A named head band.
    A Tammy tee.
    Topshop girl boxers.
    A hair braid.
    A mood ring.
    A friendship necklace.
    A school bag covered in badges.
    Charity wristbands.
    A toe ring.
    A tie, worn as a necklace.
    An anklet.
    Shag bands.
    Oversized hair clips.
    A skinny scarf.
    Healing bracelets.
    Tattoo-style chokers.
    Indian style bangles.
    Chopsticks in your hair.
    Wooden bangles.
    A scrunchie made of hair.
    Hoop earrings.
    A safety pin bracelet.
    "Bang on the Door" animal scrunchies.
    "The Rachel".
    Hair curled with tongs.
    A puffer jacket.
    Flared jeans.
    A GAP fleece.
    Denim combats.
    A halter neck.
    An Abercrombie hoodie.
    Pink and black Etnies.
    A scarf as a belt
    A distressed denim mini skirt.
    Camouflage cargo pants.
    UFO trousers.
    An off-the-shoulder top.
    A Juicy Couture tracksuit.
    A full football kit.
    A LV Speedy.
    Stick on earrings.
    A two-in-one t-shirt.
    A spaghetti strap camisole.
    A visor.
    A bucket hat.
    A Kangol hat.
    A flat-cap.
    Popper tracksuit bottoms.
    Denim dungarees.

How Trendy Were You?

You weren’t really into fashion when you were at school. You didn’t really enjoy following trends and preferred to do your own thing. But hey, you always stood out from the crowd, and everyone admired your style.
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You moved in different circles, and tended to dip in and out of trends. If everyone wore one thing, you made sure you wore something else. You know what that means? That you’re one pretty well dressed adult.
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You were a pretty stylish teenager. You spent most of your pocket money on new clothes and accessories, and as a result you always looked great. Your parents may not have approved of all of your outfits, but you didn’t let that stop you dressing as you pleased.
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You were an absolute trend setter. You were the most fashionable teenager at school, and what you didn’t know about Claire’s Accessories wasn’t worth knowing. Dig out those old Reeboks, it’s time to relive your youth!
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