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Are You A Proper Grown Up Yet?

Do you know how to empty your hoover?

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  1. Tick off all the sentences that apply to you.

    I regularly iron my clothes.
    I regularly hoover my flat.
    I know how to empty my hoover.
    I recycle.
    I separate my food waste from my other rubbish.
    I separate my white clothes from my coloured clothes when I put them in the wash.
    I order my groceries online.
    I order my vegetables from somewhere that is not a supermarket.
    I eat vegetables with every meal.
    I exercise regularly.
    I have a savings account.
    I have a rough idea of how long it will take me to save for a house.
    I have already started.
    I have a mortgage.
    I know how to change a light bulb.
    I can get rid of a spider without screaming.
    I take a multivitamin every day.
    I have a medicine box.
    It is not just full of empty Paracetamol packets.
    I can mend basic things.
    I regularly go to the dentist.
    I regularly go to the hygienist.
    I regularly get my hair cut.
    When I’m ill, I go to the doctors.
    I always have change in my wallet so I can tip whenever I eat out.
    If I had to, I could change a nappy.
    I make my bed every day.
    I know how to fold and iron bedsheets.
    I clean my home at least once a week.
    Including the toilet.
    I know how to clean an oven.
    I know how to claim a refund on a train ticket.
    I can drive.
    I can parallel park.
    I know how to check the oil levels in a car.
    I have home insurance.
    It covers my mobile phone.
    I can pitch a tent.
    I own a sleeping bag.
    I know how to get it back inside the little pouch it came in.
    If someone stays at my house, they won’t have to sleep on the floor because I have a sofa or an air mattress.
    I never go to someone’s house without bringing the host a gift.
    There is more than one bottle of wine in my house right now.
    And there are more than two spirits.
    I know how to make at least one cocktail that is not a gin and tonic.
    I know which wines I like and which wines I don't like.
    I send Christmas cards every year.
    I save the ones I don’t use for next year.
    I write thank you letters after my birthday and Christmas.
    I have a bag of Christmas tree decorations.
    They’re not made of salt dough.
    I own a table cloth.
    I use it.
    I own at least four matching plates.
    I own at least four matching wine glasses.
    If I broke one, I would replace it that week.
    I own matching cutlery.
    I own a food processor.
    I own a decent set of knives.
    I own a slow cooker.
    I regularly have people over for dinner.
    I serve them olives and breadsticks while they wait for their main food.
    Sometimes I bake a cake for dessert.
    I make my own dips.
    I write to letters to the old people I know.
    I send postcards to my family when I go on holiday.
    I am currently in the middle of a good book.
    I sometimes buy myself flowers.
    I can open a champagne bottle.
    I know how to book a flight.
    I own at least two sets of bedding.
    I own a towel that I have purchased since leaving university.
    There is at least one living plant in my home.
    There are framed prints on the walls of my home.
    There are framed paintings on the walls of my home.
    I phone my relatives on their birthdays.
    I text my friends on their birthdays.
    I buy birthday cards in advance.
    I own wrapping paper.
    I can make at least one meal without using a recipe.
    I own linen serviettes.
    And I also own kitchen roll.
    I own a toolkit.
    I own a cafetiere.
    I can use chopsticks.
    I know how to remove a wine stain.
    I regularly go to galleries, museums, the cinema, and the theatre.
    Sometimes I get photographs printed.
    I have a pet.
    My pet is happy.

Are You A Proper Grown Up Yet?

You're really not very sorted at all. You still live like a student, and there's nothing wrong with that. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you — you can sort yourself out later. You keep doing you!

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Your life is pretty sorted. You may not have everything worked out just yet, but you've still got your whole life ahead of you. And you've sorted out the things that really matter. Well done!

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Your life is totally sorted. You've adapted to adult life well, and your home is very grown up. You often have your friends round for dinner, and they're always impressed by how together you seem. Congratulations!

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