How Posh Are You Actually?

Do you own a paper knife? What about guest bedsheets? And a garage?

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  1. 1. Tick everything you have at home.

    A wine stopper.
    An AGA.
    A toaster with a bagel setting.
    A slow cooker.
    A coffee maker.
    Herbal scent bags in your drawers.
    An espresso machine.
    Le Creuset pans.
    A juicer.
    Scented drawer liners.
    A wine rack.
    A tea set.
    A sandwich toaster.
    A salt dish.
    A decanter.
    A drinks cabinet.
    A steamer.
    Linen serviettes.
    A table cloth.
    Place mats.
    A full set of glasses.
    A biscuit tin.
    A separate tin for the ones you offer guests.
    Champagne glasses.
    A set of matching mugs.
    Bottles of water in your fridge.
    A wine chiller.
    A wine thermometer.
    Napkin holders.
    A cut glass vase.
    Wine goblets.
    A pantry.
    A picnic basket.
    A dining room.
    A swimming pool.
    A pool house.
    A sauna.
    A hot tub.
    A home gym.
    Tennis racquets.
    Tennis courts.
    Two or more cars.
    A pool table.
    A yoga mat.
    A pond.
    A chopping block.
    A bookcase with a ladder.
    A writing bureau.
    A paper knife.
    A fountain pen.
    Personalised writing paper.
    A magazine rack.
    A framed degree certificate on the wall.
    Portraits of your own family.
    A baby grand piano.
    A gun cabinet.
    A hologram of your own face.
    A fire place.
    A fire guard.
    Hanging poultry in your kitchen.
    A suit of armor.
    Leather-bound first-edition encyclopedias.
    A foot stool.
    Scent diffusers.
    A pedigree dog.
    Copies of Tatler.
    Copies of Horse And Hound.
    A duck house.
    Peacocks in your garden.
    A dressing table.
    A walk-in wardrobe.
    Surround sound.
    A paperweight.
    A cast-iron bed.
    A golf club rack.
    A globe.
    Guest towels.
    Guest bedsheets.
    A guest bedroom.
    A crystal chandelier.
    A birdhouse.
    A birdbath.
    A herb garden.
    An ottoman.
    A Pashley bicycle.
    A bidet.
    Hand cream in your bathroom.
    Egyptian cotton bedsheets.
    Duck-feather duvets.
    Scented candles.
    The Rich List.
    A window seat.
    A silk dressing gown.
    A shower for two.
    Electric gates.
    A garage.
    A moat.

How Posh Are You Actually?

You're not very posh. You hate pretentious people and can think of nothing worse than struggling to use a fish knife at dinner. Good for you; you're comfortable with who you are, and that's the most important thing.
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You're pretty posh. You know which cutlery to use at the dinner table, and you wouldn't dream of letting your guests sleep on the sofa. But you're still pretty grounded too. You've got the best of both worlds. Go you!

jspruitiii / Flickr / Flickr: 65405521@N00
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You're pretty posh. You don't know how to use a microwave and you prefer to spend weekends at your country house. But you're not ridiculous. Owning too many of these items would seem a little vulgar, no?
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You're so posh. You don't just appear on The Tatler List, you're in The Rich List too. Your wardrobe is filled with red jeans, tweed blazers, and gilets. But why are you still reading this? Don't you have a regatta to get to?

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