47 Facts That Will Make ’00s Teens Feel Old

Remember queueing up for Harry Potter books?

1. It’s been a decade since Rachel got off the plane.

2. This is what the twins who played Ben look like now.


3. And if Friends were still running, Emma would turn 12 this year.

4. A total of 351 people have lived in the Big Brother house.

John Li / Getty

5. You haven’t bought a new Harry Potter book for seven years.

6. Anne Hathaway is the same age as the mobile phone.

sakkmesterke / Shutterstock


7. Ant and Dec just won their 13th National Television Award. They’ve been a double act for 24 years.

8. Which is as long as Taylor Swift has been alive.

9. This is what Little Ant and Dec look like now.

10. It’s been 11 years since Dido released “White Flag”.

Jo Hale / Getty

11. SunnyD comes in flavours other than orange now.

12. Miley’s…changed.

David Livingston / Getty

Christopher Polk / Getty


13. Taj handed over £1,000,000 to his mum eight years ago.

14. Lucy, Izzie, Nesta, and T.J. would turn 27 this year.

15. Georgia Nicolson would be 29.


16. And Tracey Beaker would be 33.


17. It’s been a decade since you danced the “Cha Cha Slide.”

18. Geri Hallliwell is 41 years old.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty

19. Posh and Becks will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary this year.

20. If Gabby had fallen pregnant by John the gardener, their child would be 15.


21. Kate and Wills graduated from St Andrews eight years ago.

Handout / Getty

22. Kids haven’t been allowed to eat turkey Twizzlers at school for nine years.

23. Calvin from S Club Juniors is now a backing dancer for The Saturdays.

24. This is what they look like now. Three of them have children.

25. Chantelle and Preston divorced seven years ago.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty

Gareth Cattermole / Getty


26. And Nick and Jessica called it a day nine years ago.

27. A floppy disk stored 1.44MB of data. The average GIF requires 4.5MB.

Yongcharoen_kittiyaporn / Shutterstock


28. You can buy a Babyliss hair crimper for 99p on Ebay.

29. Same goes for a Nokia 3310.

30. Snake 2 has just been released as a smartphone app.

31. It’s been 12 years since Kym Marsh walked out on Hear’Say.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

32. And a decade since the final episode of Sex and the City aired.

33. This is what Zac Efron looks like now.

Kevin Winter / Getty

Michael Buckner / Getty


34. It’s been nine years since these two were friends.

35. Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Kenzie, Adam Rickett, and Kavana have just formed a band for The Big Reunion.

36. It’s been 12 years since Gareth lost his virginity to Jordan.

Scott Barbour / Getty

David Westing / Getty


37. And since you bought “What I Go to School For”.

38. This is what Nicholas Hoult looks like now.

Jason Merritt / Getty


39. Mary-Kate Olsen just got engaged.

40. And Hilary Duff has a 2-year-old son.

41. Peter Andre is now a father of three.

Patrick Riviere / Getty

Richard Martin-Roberts


42. You haven’t watched Top of the Pops for eight years.

43. There have been four versions of Sugababes.


44. Marissa died eight years ago.

45. This is what Abs from 5ive looks like now.

Getty / Danny Martindale


46. Lindsay Lohan’s been in and out of rehab six times.

47. And it’s been Oct. 3 eleven times since this moment.

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