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    Boris Johnson Thinks The UK's Relationship With China Is Like Harry Potter And Cho Chang

    No, seriously.

    Boris Johnson is visiting Peking University at the moment.

    Getty / GOH CHAI HIN

    He's with George Osborne, and the pair are spreading the world that there is no limit on Chinese trade with Britain, or indeed on the number of Chinese people who can come to study or visit the UK.

    Sometimes, though, politics can be hard to understand.

    Getty / GOH CHAI HIN

    That's why BoJo busted out a cheeky Harry Potter analogy.

    "Who was Harry Potter's first girlfriend?" he asked Chinese students. "Cho Chang - who is a Chinese overseas student at Hogwarts school."

    The relationship between Harry and Cho, claims BoJo, is very similar to Britain's relationship with China.

    "We already have 130,000 Chinese students like you studying in Britain," added George Osborne. "I want more of you to come. And more Chinese visitors too"

    Well said, BoJo.

    If you want one final proof of how fast the world is changing, the cultural interpenetration between Britain and China, let me ask you a question, brilliant students of Peking University.Who in English literature is the most famous student? Who is the most famous student in contemporary British writing, would you say? I will give you a clue - he sometimes has a wand... Harry Potter.Where does the train go from which Harry Potter has to catch to go to his school? King's Cross, absolutely right, which is where? London.Where does Harry Potter buy his uniform and his wand and stuff like that and his books? I think it's in Diagon Alley which is in London.Where is the location of the Ministry of Magic? London.And who according to JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels, was Harry Potter's first girlfriend? Who is the first person he kisses? That's right, Cho Chang - who is a Chinese overseas student at Hogwarts school.Ladies and gents I rest my case. I don't think I need to argue any further, that is the future of Britain and of London.

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