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Backstalking Is The Best Thing About Facebook

It is the absolute simplest way to find the most embarrassing photos that your friends have ever posted to Facebook. Use carefully.

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But if you want to find someone's most cringeworthy Facebook photos, you can't just stalk. You need to backstalk.

Dan Oshinsky / BuzzFeed, photos by Arianna Rebolini, Erin Chack, Tanner Ringerud, Dave Stopera, Isaac Fitzgerald, and Kimberly Wang

Backstalking is when you stalk someone backwards through their Facebook photos. It's scientifically proven to show you the oldest, most mind-blowing photos anyone's ever been tagged in.


Here's how to backstalk:

A: Go to anyone's profile page.

B: Click Photos.

C: Click on their most recent photo.

D: Click the left arrow.

E: Enjoy.

Here are 37 things we found when backstalking our BuzzFeed colleagues:

And here's what they look like now, for comparison's sake.


Go on. Backstalk yourself and add your most embarrassing photo below.