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19 '00s Hairstyles That Were Cool Then But Are Cringey Now

So many side fringes.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their cringiest '00s hairstyles. Here are their most embarrassing looks...

1. "I loved my mohawk, but I didn't want my employment options limited to Hot Topic or nothing."

2. "This is really embarrassing. That hairstyle and the colors didn't work for me at all."

3. "Circa 2003, peep the butterfly clips."

4. "The hair was bad, but the eyebrows... or lack thereof."

5. "My room, my hair, my chain..."

6. "I guess I really liked crimped hair?"

7. "I don’t even know why my mother allowed this picture to be taken."

8. "I really don't know what is more stereotypical: the double tank tops, the huge hoops, the outward hair flip, or the crazy chunky highlights... My senior pics haunt my dreams."

9. "Going to a Jonas Brothers concert in 2009!"

10. "I tried to be 'edgy' with my blue streaks and the Myspace angle gave me a double chin so I'd do this."

11. "Back from when I was a human bell pepper. Why I thought this was cool I’ll never know."

12. "Side bangs I cut myself and straightened when I crimped my hair. It took over a year to grow them out and even longer for me to realize that I should never touch a hair crimper ever again."

13. "White eyeshadow with eyeliner, and a bald ponytail with a skinny headband! Classic 2009."

14. "Peep that zigzag part. Right before going to an Aaron Carter concert."

15. "I was on the middle school football team and my long hair always got caught in my helmet so my mom gave me this sick 'do. I still haven't forgiven her."

16. "Problems with this haircut: 1) middle part, 2) side bangs on curly hair, and 3) headband serving no actual purpose."

17. "Rocking that blue hair (featuring Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush, since that apparently was a thing)."

18. "Seventh grade, boxed dyed and self-cut hair."

19. "Ugh. Circa 2004 or '05. I still cringe when I see this photo. My hair looks a lot better now."

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