Nene Leakes And Kandi Burruss Finally "See Each Other" In A Good Way

    Fix it, Jesus.

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta has given viewers many surprising moments over its nine seasons.

    And this past Sunday was no exception.

    Former archenemies came together against former best friends and well, I'm still shocked.

    First, let's look at Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore, who previously accused each other of having affairs and copying business ideas.

    But this season, they've been bonding over tumultuous relationships and they took their budding friendship a step further on Sunday's episode by traveling to volunteer at a sleepaway camp for children from Flint.

    And yes, their newfound friendship is already causing tension with Parks' main squad, who all still have outstanding issues with Moore.

    Meanwhile, in another surprising turn of events, Nene Leakes seems to be the only housewife to have Kandi Burruss' back – and she's not even a cast member anymore.

    But Leakes defended Burruss on Sunday's Watch What Happens Live when a viewer asked her what she thought about the falling out between former BFFs Burruss and Park (a third alliance switch, for those keeping track).

    She also shared that she and Burruss have been working on building a friendship since the last reunion and, get this, IT'S GOING WELL!

    Burress took to Twitter and Instagram to thank Leakes for "telling it like it is."

    Looks like hell has truly frozen over in the A.