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Posted on Oct 14, 2015

14 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Was The Realest Show On TV

Ashley Banks was a feminist.

1. That time Uncle Phil basically told the police officer "you gon' learn today" after he unlawfully arrested Will and Carlton.

2. When Ashley gave a feminist twist to prayer.

3. When Carlton preached this good word after another black man told him he wasn't "black enough."

4. When Will wasn't here for racial nicknames.

5. When Jazz dropped this knowledge long before Mike Brown.

NBC / Via
NBC / Via

6. When Will's classmate schooled him on catcalling women.

7. When Will was shocked because black folk aren't used to the police showing up quickly when they call for help.

8. When Ashley spoke this truth about fragile masculinity.

9. Every time Will asked what we were all wondering.

10. When Will spoke for fatherless sons across the country.

11. When Hillary spoke on the importance of knowing the person you love will never give up on you.

12. When Will gave the working class definition of saving.

13. When Ashley pioneered the now-popular phrase carefree black girl.

14. When Will gave an honest portrayal of how he's treated when people don't recognize him.

Answer: Like every other black man in America.

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