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#FlotusBars Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

First Lady Michelle Obama made a "Go To College" rap music video and it left Twitter very inspired.

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First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah to make a rap video about the importance of going to college and it's pretty amazing.

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Mostly because FLOTUS reallyyy embraced the role.

College Humor

In fact her performance was so good, it inspired Twitter to come up with more raps for her using the hashtag #FlotusBars.

There's this hilarious play on Drake's "Back To Back" diss track.

Twitter: @MichellCClark

This fabulous rhyme.

Twitter: @eveewing

This "Hotline Bling" remix.

Twitter: @deray

This timely play on words to the beat of Future and Drake's song "Jumpman."

Twitter: @Iamlaurenyap

This clever plug of FLOTUS Let's Move campaign.

Twitter: @Hey_AshB

This fashionable take on an old classic.

Twitter: @FeministaJones

This great brag about her many degrees.

Twitter: @Felonious_munk

These excellent bars on America's excellent first family.

Twitter: @neekahgee

This shoutout to all her haters.

Twitter: @realifejosh

This perfection using Nicki and Bey's "Feelin' Myself" lyrics.

Twitter: @tres_stimulante

This necessary ode to Lil Kim.

Twitter: @lowkei_

And this, because really an entire FLOTUS "Back to Back" remix could and should be done.

Twitter: @XLNB

Here's to hoping all of these fire tweets encourage FLOTUS to get back in the booth and make another track.

College Humor

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