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Posted on Nov 2, 2015

19 People Every Student At A Black College Will Recognize

Who knew Mixtape Dude would actually become a famous rapper?

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1. Mixtape dude.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

"Ay, ay, wanna buy my mixtape? I promise it's fire."

2. The Hotep students.

They just want you to know that "the white man's water is not wetter, my sista." These students are always passing out pamphlets, renouncing things they used to enjoy, and wearing dashikis. They stand ready to argue — um — "enlighten" you at the slightest opportunity.

3. The dorm hairdresser.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

This blessed student hooks up everyone’s 'do on campus because finding a good hairdresser in certain college towns is impossible. She's the real MVP.

4. The girl/guy who is pledging a Greek fraternity or sorority.

You know this person is on line because they rarely speak, always look tired, and can't look you in the eye. They'll be back to normal in a few weeks, though.

5. Refund check girl.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

She just went on a shopping spree and is rocking all the new new. A new phone, new weave, new shoes, you name it!

6. The person you always see on campus and at parties...but never in class.

They don't even carry a backpack or a pencil.

7. The activist.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

Students at black schools invented the peaceful protest. But there are those few who will march for any reason: no heat in the classroom, funding cuts for student media, bad food in the cafeteria, etc.

8. The adviser from hell.

He never tells you you're short the credits you need until it's too late.

9. The politician.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

Always in a suit and hard-bottom shoes, always campaigning for a student government position, belongs to 10 organizations and a fraternity.

10. The professor who is like everyone’s mom.

When shit gets rough, her office is where you go to cry and/or vent.

11. The Que who always wears his gold boots.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

Every. Single. Damn. Day.

12. The people obviously auditioning for a modeling troupe.

You will never catch them slippin'. This person is always dressed to the nines, with a face beat to the gods and an elaborate hairdo. The campus is their runway, and stilettos are mandatory — no matter the weather.

13. The guy with the candy-painted Chevy sitting on 24s.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

You will frequently see this car rolling across the busiest part of campus at 2 mph or posted outside the club after the let out.

14. The first-generation student.

This girl is serious. She sits in the front row, shushes the class if it gets too loud, and often asks the teacher, "What is the homework for tonight?"

And no, she won't be at the function on Friday, because she has to work.

15. The professor who will close the door and not let you in even if you're only one minute late.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

They don't care if your last class was all the way across campus, if you couldn't find a parking spot because the school still doesn't have one big enough for all the student drivers, or if your auntie just died. RUDE.

16. The local who doesn’t go to your school but is always on campus.

"You don't even go here!"

17. The party promoter.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

If you want to get into that party, you have to be cool with this person.

Like, really cool, or else you will be outside in a long-ass line while all their homies walk right in.

18. The reality star who’s back after disgracing the school’s name.

I know you remember Kyle from College Hill South Beach.

19. The predators.

Pedro Fequiere/BuzzFeed

They graduated years ago but always seem to lurk on campus during freshman move-in week.

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