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27 Best Tweets Of The BET Awards

"Bitch Betta Have My Money."

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1. When the show started off in one of the most consciously epic ways.

When Kendrick Lamar performed #BETAwards

2. When Tracee Ellis Ross was lifted in, and her harness could barely contain her derriere.

Harness was holding on for dear life, glad you are safe @TraceeEllisRoss

Can Tracee's booty stay in this harness all night?!?!

3. When we got this beautiful reminder of Beyoncé seducing Lucious Lyon (aka Terrence Howard).

When Beyoncé cured lucious ALS at the #BETAwards in 2005

4. When everyone realized that the King and Queen of Hip-Hop were noticeably absent.

Beyoncé and Jay are probably at home like "should we drop that joined album now and just snatch the spotlight?"

5. When Meek Mill reacted to Nicki Minaj showing him love.

Hahaaa RT @CoryTownes: This is "Babe so crazy, I love her, though" face

6. When Ross subtlety said what we all were thinking when introducing Chris Brown and Tyga.

LMFAO RT @SmokeeRobinson: Can we revisit that shade moment right quick?

7. When Rihanna took matters into her own hands.

“@deeepthot: when the bitch doesn't have your money: ”

8. When Alicia Keys and the Weeknd failed to impress.

Alicia Keys and The Weeknd voices tonight have single handedly brought darkskin back for the remainder of 2015 #BETAward2015

9. When Sam Smith accepted his award.

😂😂😂 Sam Smith (sorta) accepting his Best New Artist award. #BETAwards2015

"Sam Smith isn't here tonight cause he's white"- Anthony Anderson 😂😂 #BETAwards

10. When the Michael Jordan crying meme got a new lease on life.

If Suge would've just chilled out we would get a Death Row tribute for 2016 but you know,

11. When the epic Bad Boy reunion happened and made people's parents get out of bed.

Bad boys tribute even got my dad out The bed 😩😩😩😍😍😍

12. But then also when Diddy accidentally fell down into Lil' Kim's surprise stage entrance.

So we just gone sit here and act like we didn't see Diddy fall into another dimension😂 #BETAwards2015

13. And then when he QUICKLY bounced back like nothing even happened.

P diddy fall back game strong asf 😂👏

14. But also remember when Uncle Denzel also made a triumphant return.


15. But also when Robin Thicke performed, and you know his ex-wife, Paula Patton was at home like:

Paula Patton at home watching like

16. When everyone who tuned into the show was only watching for one thing (the Janet tribute), but it was taking a little too long to happen.

Where's the Janet tribute? @BET

17. And when Smokey Robinson's acceptance speech took a little too long.

When the pastor says "I won't keep you long" but, you know he lying in God's house.

Yaaaasssssss @smokey_robinson!!!! #BETAwards @BETAwards ❤️🍓

Listen, if you got Diddy holding your award like an intern while you speak, you are a certified G.…


smokey when he found out he got the lifetime award

Via Twitter: @dstfelix

19. But we all were secretly wondering where Rachael Dolezal was...

@fanaticalscribe @AndrewDZiegler FLD:JSDFJLSD:LFJSDL:FK

20. And when Tori Kelly was warned:

Tori better not be foolin us #BETAwards2015

21. When Tracee and Anthony channeled Empire's Lucious and Cookie Lyon.

Terrance Howard really thinks he is Lucious Lyon Talk about method acting...

EMPIRE is so damn huge. They performing songs from a Fictional show on award shows. Like DAYUMN. #BETAwards

The marketing for #Empire can't stop, won't stop #BETAwards2015

22. When the show took a moment to shout out the current U.S. political climate.

wait. come thru political statement...#SCOTUSMarriage #BlackLivesMatter

23. When we were reminded yet again that Beyoncé wasn't in the house.

24. When Twitter called out Keyshia Cole for making a desperate plea for everyone to buy her album.

Before Keyshia walked off she was like "Y'all plz buy my damn's independent" #BETAwards2015

25. One more friendly reminder that Beyoncé was not in attendance.

@youngsinick Remember last year when Beyonce sent in a video?

26. When Big Sean performed "Blessed" and this person said what everyone else was thinking:

No one wants to hear this without Riley Curry singing the hook.

27. And when we were all reminded that #BlackLivesMatter.

Michael B. Jordan and #BETAwards honor Black Lives Matter protesters for demanding "the justice we so richly deserve"

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