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    59 Lyrics For Your Valentine's Day Instagram Caption

    Whether you're deeply in love or single af.

    Roc Nation

    1. "You're the one I want to want me."

    – Jason Derulo, "Want to Want Me"

    2. "We don't need a title."

    – Rihanna, "Yeah, I Said It"

    3. "Nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now."

    – Taylor Swift, "Wildest Dreams"

    4. "I want to be the one you remember."

    – 5 Seconds of Summer, "Vapor"

    5. "So if you ride then I'm riding too, by your side kinda stuck on you."

    – Kehlani, "FWU"

    6. "I just wanna be your favorite."

    – Nicki Minaj featuring. Jeremih, "Favorite"

    7. "You were red and you liked me because I was blue."

    – Halsey, "Colors"

    8. "She was the baddest, I was the realest."

    – Meek Mill ft. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, "All Eyes On You"

    9. "You're like the flower that I won't let die."

    – Chance The Rapper, J. Cole, and NoName Gypsy, "Warm Enough"

    10. "Something about you is different."

    – Majid Jordan, "Something About You"

    11. "Dat's my main one."

    – Mila J, "My Main"

    12. "A moth to a candle, that's me to you."

    – Jojo, Save My Soul

    13. "Take my breath and never let it go."

    – Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd, "Love Me Harder"

    RCA Records

    14. "I'd love to hold you close, tonight and always."

    – Zayn Malik, "Pillowtalk,"

    15. "I see nobody but you."

    – The Weeknd, "Earned It"

    16. "And when you're weak I'll be strong, I'm gonna keep holding on."

    – Charlie Puth, "One Call Away"

    17. "I'm latching on to you."

    – Sam Smith, "Latch"

    18. "I like it cause I know I'm yours."

    – Justine Skye, "I'm Yours"

    19. "Everything is fine when your head's resting next to mine."

    – Vance Joy, "Fire and the Flood"

    20. "Don't know why, just know I want you."

    – Rihanna, "James Joint"

    21. "You're every line, you're every word, you're everything."

    – Michael Bublé. "Everything"

    22. "I cannot see myself without you."

    – Fetty Wap, "Again"

    23. "There's a feeling you give me, an everglow."

    – Coldplay, "Everglow"

    24. "Apparently, you believe in me and I thank you for it."

    – J. Cole, "Apparently"

    25. "Every day's your birthday and every night your Valentine."

    – Jeremih, "Oui"

    26. "He ain't always right but he's just right for me."

    – Jazmine Sullivan, "#HoodLove"

    27. "Tell 'em you're my girl and anything you want is yours."

    – The Internet, "Girl"

    28. "Don't change."

    – Erykah Badu ft. André 3000, "Hello"

    Columbia Records

    29. "Been about you and I'm still about you."

    – Beyoncé ft. Drake, "Mine"

    30. "We found love right where we are."

    – Ed Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"

    31. "I wish I could paint our love."

    – Miguel, "Coffee"

    32. "Your love, it is my truth and I will always love you."

    – Adele, "Remedy"

    33. "All of me, loves all of you."

    – John Legend, "All of Me"

    34. "The more I look, the more I find the reasons why you're the love of my life."

    – Jason Derulo, "Marry Me"

    35. "Certain it's your love that holds me together."

    – Bryson Tiller, "Don't"

    36. "Only you can set my heart on fire."

    – Ellie Goulding, "Love Me Like You Do"

    37. "Forever down, I am your lady. Always for sure, never a maybe."

    – Kehlani featuring Chance The Rapper, "The Way"

    38. "There's no need to complicate. Our time is short. This is our fate, I'm yours."

    – Jason Marz, "I'm Yours"

    39. "If there's a question of my heart, you've got it. It don't belong to anyone but you."

    – Wale featuring Usher, "The Matrimony"

    40. "I won't let me lose you."

    – Justin Bieber, "Mark My Words"

    41. "Trust me girl, this shit is everything to me."

    – Drake, "Jungle"

    42. "We keep this love in this photograph."

    – Ed Sheeran, "Photograph"

    43. "No one can take me from my baby."

    – Monica, "Just Right For Me"

    44. "You got my soul."

    – Bryson Tiller, "Exchange"

    45. "I got all I need."

    – Sia, "Cheap Thrills"

    46. "I just wanna be deep in your love."

    – Maroon 5, "Sugar"

    Republic Records

    47. "Hello from the otherside"

    – Adele, "Hello"

    48. "99.9% of these fuckboys can't fuck me"

    – Nicki Minaj, "Down In The DM Remix"

    49. "It's our party we can love who we want, we can kiss who we want, we can see who we want"

    – Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop"

    50. "I know a girl I should propose to, but we just on some different shit

    – Drake ft. Travi$ Scott, "Company"

    51. "Give it to me I'm worth it"

    – Fifth Harmony, "Worth It"

    52. "I know you care"

    – Beyoncé, "7/11"

    53. "Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else"

    – Hailee Seinfeld, "Love Myself"

    54. "I make my own choice, bitch I run the show"

    – Demi Lovato, "Confident"

    55. "This is the part when I say I don't want ya, I'm stronger than I've been before"

    – Ariana Grande, "Break Free"

    56. "Yah yah bitch, back up off me"

    – Dej Loaf, "Back Up"

    57. "It's a little bit too late to take care of me"

    – D.R.A.M. ft. SZA, "Caretaker (Extended Version)"

    58. "I don't need a boyfriend"

    – Alessia Cara, "Here"

    59. "I'm alone and doing fine"

    – K.Michelle, "Not A Little Bit"