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"Swag Surfin'" Is The Dance Of Our Generation

"I swag when I surf."

"Swag Surfin'" might be the most culturally impactful one-hit one wonder of all time.

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Because it gave us the greatest dance of all time – the swag surf.

Over the years, it's become less of a dance craze.

Swag Surf is the new We Shall Overcome. Wow.

And more of a spiritual experience.

Swag surf came on and it was like the benediction at church when everybody hold hands wit the person next to em.

It's the new black national anthem.

Swag Surf RT @brokeymcpoverty: if you could change the national anthem to any song, what would you change it to?

Because it builds community.

Brings us together.

I love that Swag Surf is now the official song of young, black unity

Unites us one and all.


It's probably the secret to world peace tbh.

Both teams stopped to swag surf..... This is what world peace looks like

Which is why we do it while protesting.

Swag surfin' on injustice at @Yale The turn up comes with the fight

Just like our ancestors did.

Rare footage of the first organized Swag Surf

OK maybe they didn't, but imagine how beautiful it would've been to see them swag surf at the March on Washington.

I'm trynna go back in time and play swag surf on the mic this day in history

Honestly, there are few things more beautiful than black people coming together to swag surf.

A generation of students who swag surf at protests are members of the most beautiful generation.

Which is why we make it a part of all of life's big moments.

i'm 100% serious when i say im playing International Players Anthem at my wedding. followed by Swag Surf



<3 Howard University, School of Communication Graduation - Swag Surfin'- 05... https://t.co/DqXyccYOS1 via @YouTube


I want my funeral to be lit. I wanna be in the casket with a pink fur coat on n shit. I want back that azz up and swag surf played

And every HBCU in these United States.

This HAS to be the most monumental swag surf in the history of Black America. #GHOE

In fact, most people dream of being fortunate enough to experience swag surfin at an HBCU.

I gotta go to a HBCU event where swag surf gone be played at, at least one time in my life.

It's hard to believe everyone doesn't know the dance's healing powers.

Then it dawned on me "There are pockets of the US that don't know how to Swag Surf"

But we're plotting on changing that so stay tuned.

If someone were to play March Madness by Future on the highest level, the whole world would come together and swag surf in great harmony.

Thank you F.L.Y. and God for giving us this gift of a dance.

(Always remember to swag surf responsibly.)

Had to have been an epic swag surf RT @steenfox: Never getting their deposit back.