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23 Landlords Who Deserve To Be Publicly Shamed On The Internet, And I Mean That

The worst Lords in all the land.

1. This landlord who took their job very, very literally:

2. This landlord who wanted photographic evidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. This landlord with the most effective in case of emergency plan:

4. This landlord who did not ✨remove✨ spiders, but simply ✨painted over them✨:

5. This landlord who gave a friendly heads-up about ongoing building tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. This landlord who absolutely 🚨BODIED🚨 this paint job:

yes id like the landlord special please

Twitter: @smallestslime

7. This landlord who GOT 👏 THEIR 👏 ELEVEN 👏 CENTS!!!!!!!! 👏

8. This landlord who saw regulating room temperature as a privilege few have earned:

Welcome to renting in London! My landlord has just put our thermostat in a cage.

Twitter: @alexmilsom

9. This landlord who valued their tenants' safety above all else 😌 🙏 :

Discovered tonight that the carbon monixide alarm in our apartment hasn’t had a battery for the entire time we’ve lived here and that it was ‘plugged in’ to two slits my landlord had carved in the wall.

10. The landlord who "installed" these (quite honestly inspiring) lamps:

11. This landlord's — rolls eyes — selfless act of generosity:

12. This landlord who responded to complaints of a dead rodent smell like so:

13. This landlord who technically didn't lie:

14. This landlord who had a weird flex, but okay:

15. This landlord made sure the carpet matched the...uh, carpet? (Well, kinda):

16. This landlord who installed this RARE R2-D2 shower head:

17. This landlord who brought Jesus into the conversation:


Twitter: @racheldenav

18. This landlord who issued this warning to various drug-dealing tenants:

19. This landlord who left :) a :) hose!!! :)

20. This landlord who deserves an honorary mention for their pettiness:

Centrists: C’mon, folks. Stop being mean to landlords. They have human empathy, just like the rest of us. Landlords:

21. This landlord who was adamant in their "no pets" stance:

22. Mike the Landlord™ who kept his message clear and concise:

23. And lastly, I leave you with this possible solution to all your landlord problems:

Landlords be like “it’s an old building” alright then I’ll pay old rent, here’s 20 bucks it’s a fortune