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What's The Best Thing That Ever Happened On Your Way To Work?

This post is lovingly dedicated to the puppies I met on my way to work this morning.

Whether it's a short walk to the office, a car ride, or a two-hour train ride into the city, we all have some sort of work commute.


Usually commuting is described as "painful," "monotonous," and "depressing." But has something really great ever happened to you on your commute?


Like on my walk to BuzzFeed this morning, I ran into Alec Baldwin and not one, but TWO GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES!!! Instantly, I was in a better mood.

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

One of the actual puppies I met. His name was Oliver and he liked leg hugs and nose boops!

Maybe your commuter train got stuck for a few hours and you ended up making friends with the person sitting next to you, so there was a silver lining after all.


Or maybe you were driving to work and this car pulled up next to you!

The was the highlight of my week 😭❤️

So if you've ever had a truly wholesome, heartwarming, and all-around surprisingly good commute, please share your story (and maybe even a picture) in the DropBox below for the chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!