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    18 Tweets You'll Only Find Funny If Quarantine Is Causing You To Slowly Devolve

    This is where we're at.

    1. This right here...this got me:

    Extremely powerful messaging in Logan Square today

    2. 😊😊😊:

    3. The Owl™:

    4. Beyblade 💖:

    no, no you misunderstood me - I’m not calling you “babe” as in short for “baby.” I’m calling you beyb as in short for beyblade. let it rip

    5. This lil' pick-me-up:

    brewing up a little something to take the pain away

    6. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they’re having an eternal staring contest


    8. Ummmmm...sir?

    my little brother at 12:45am on the security camera

    9. This painfully relatable tweet:

    i hate the “watch a movie” suggestion when i say im bored. shut up. i have no attention span. i need to chew on batteries

    10. Yup:

    11. 60 Minutes' verbal annihilation of babies:

    Loving this absolute roast of babies

    12. This complete and utter truth:

    an orb is a sphere with a sinister secret

    13. THIS 👏 QUARANTINE 👏 MIRACLE!!!!!!!! 👏

    my wife witnessed a miracle today & yelled across the house with an urgency that had me sprinting. I thought something terrible had happened but when i came into the kitchen she said: Look...

    14. This one goes out to dads everywhere:

    15. This inarguable fact:

    Hillbilly is short for hilliamwilliam

    16. This struggle!!! ://///////

    I hate having huge titties it’s never “how was your day” it’s always “can I see your huge titties”

    17. THIS HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Khloe Kardashian's Kampaign For A Second Term As Mayor Of Boo Boo The Foolville Strengthens With Rumors She And Tristan Thompson Are Expecting Again; World Awaits Apology For Jordyn Woods [GETTY]

    18. And lastly:

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