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    25 Weird Things People Have Actually Found In Thrift Stores

    I'll take the doll head collection for $3.00.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the weirdest, creepiest, and funniest things they've found in thrift stores! Here are some of our favorite submissions:

    1. This aptly titled memoir:

    2. This complete collection of decapitated doll heads:

    3. This crime scene evidence that has apparently been tampered with:

    4. This game with potentially dangerous stakes:

    5. This Justin Timberlake marionette circa his NSYNC days:

    6. This shell poker diorama of sorts:

    7. This kinky lil' bear:

    8. This handy guide that encourages you to "Stop VACUUMING and start KNITTING!"

    9. This ***VOMIT*** clock:

    10. This artistic interpretation of female sensuality:

    11. This lovely garden mosaic:

    12. This...Dennis Rodman Wedding Day doll...?

    13. These bunnies who f*ck like...bunnies:

    14. This very rare vintage doggo portrait:

    15. This lil' boat with even lil'er feetsies:

    16. This collectible frisbee:

    17. This mug that depicts a very loving human-cyborg relationship:

    18. This glass bird piece that looks delightful on a mantle and/or filled with drugs:

    19. This clever and inviting toilet seat cover:

    20. These ~ashes of ex-husbands past~:

    21. This fish-shoe hybrid paperweight:

    22. This hand-painted E.T. trinket:

    23. These ~quirky~ salt and pepper shakers:

    24. This motivational Bigfoot quote:

    25. And lastly, this comfy, cozy cat chair:

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    Please note: Not all submissions are from Community users.