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    19 Of The Most Bizarre Things People Have Found At Garage Sales

    Lots of Athletic Jesus™ paraphernalia. Curious...

    1. This block of wood that was painted with 5,000 coats of paint between the years of 1950 and 1964:

    2. "Titty Frog":

    3. This cabbage doggo with leek legs:

    4. This painting of the Lord playing soccer with tweens:

    5. This half-priced doctor's note regarding Mr. Klein's urine culture:

    6. This painting of Satan taking a shadook:

    7. This plethora of disturbing baby figurines:

    8. This tin foil cat hat:

    9. This glass-encased rose...............for your butthole:

    10. This discarded proposal prop — a PROPosal, if you will:

    11. Yet another image of the Lord playing sports with tweens(???):

    12. 101 Things to Make with Human Skin by Ronald Skinemwell:

    13. These clams playing poker:

    14. Pickle Me Elmo™:

    15. This old meme face, but 3D and HORRIFYING:

    16. This "Everybody Loves Switzerland" shirt:

    17. Someone's most precious memory:

    18. This large bear with a disproportionately small face:

    19. And lastly, this ~fun 'n' flirty~ way of incorporating the Dead into your sex life:

    H/T r/WTFgaragesale