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    16 Good Things That Happened This Week That The News Forgot To Mention

    *immediately invests in R.E.M. sleep fart tracking technology*

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This week, he requested that you "no talk him":

    2. This sleep recorder app tracked nothing but R.E.M. sleep farts:

    bro fuck this sleep recorder app

    3. This guy pulled off the ultimate prank posthumously:

    Irish man left a funny recording to be played at his funeral and I'm dying 😭

    4. This dogini went SLOO0000000P:

    So my dog know he not supposed to be on my bed but he sneak on it and does this 😑😑😑

    5. This person made Kylie Jenner singing "Rise and Shine" into a fabulously alarming alarm:

    testing out my custom kylie jenner rise and shine alarm ringtone

    6. The greatest Halloween tweet of all time resurfaced and made its rounds:

    This remains the greatest Halloween tweet of all time.

    7. This cat stereotypically catted:

    8. This video just gave us all the joy and ~pawsitive energy~ IN πŸ‘ THE πŸ‘ WORLD πŸ‘:


    How did she kept a straight faceπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    10. Charlie here THREW πŸ‘ SOME πŸ‘ HANDS πŸ‘:

    Charlie wasn’t with the bullshit and started throwing hands πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

    11. The New Jersey Devils featured these hilariously adorable kids' drawings of each of their players:

    So, it’s Kids Day here for #NJDevils and during player warmups introductions, the team is featuring kid-drawn pictures of players. And it is amazing and hilarious! πŸ˜‚

    12. These two showed off proper form for both downward dog and sideways dog:

    u/bellavanlan / Via

    13. This pupper was LABELED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be sure to label the important things!!

    14. This cat made the shocking discovery that she has EARS!!!!!!!

    15. This otter executed the 2160Β° zoomie with impeccable precision and grace:

    Otter attempts the infamous 2160Β° zoomie and pulls it off flawlessly. 14/10.

    16. And lastly, this veteran was reunited with his doggos!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    A veteran lost his dogs when he went in the hospital and had no one to care for them. PetSmart was boarding them. He came in to make a payment toward the fee to get them back. What happened next was wonderful... We need more of this kindness! ❀️