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    17 Good Things That Happened This Week That Deserve 10000% More Media Coverage

    Contrary to popular belief, a lot of really good things happened!!!

    1. This week, pets everywhere got to make appearances on company-wide video calls since their hoomans were working from home!!!!!!!!!

    Working from home for the foreseeable future and my Zoom meeting camera has already become a dedicated live feed of my cat being cute sleeping or cleaning.

    2. This dogini showed us what pure and unapologetic happiness looks like!!!

    My sister took this pic this morning of one of her dogs and it’s all you need to see.

    3. This guy's French boyfriend asked an important question:

    My bf's first language is french, and he forgot the word for "lid", so instead he held up the pot and asked "where is his hat?"


    hi this puppy has one ear on top of his head and i think everybody needs to see it

    5. This little queen really said "like and subscribe to my channel," huh?

    Y’all....So while playing musical chairs, my dancing queen wanted to show off her dancing moves. She was supposed to be OUT 😂💀

    6. This kitters sat like this(???):

    7. Gloria Gaynor gave a hand-washing tutorial to "I Will Survive," praise be!

    Gloria Gaynor washing her hands to I Will Survive is the hand washing video I didn’t know I needed

    8. This delightful interspecies interaction happened!!!!!!!

    attn everyone: my mom just sent me this please rt

    9. This guy played a slow, harrowing melody:

    10. These two ~flipped the switch~:

    11. The world was introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Nighthawk:

    my co worker is getting married. She said that she didn't realize how expensive changing her last name is. Her and her husband decided if they are going to spend money to have last names changed, they will choose something they both want. Their new last name will be Nighthawk

    12. This 😌 fox 😌 had 😌 a 😌 snacky 😌:

    weather is getting warmer, sit in the sun, have snacky

    13. This woman's daughter stood up for what was right!!!!!!

    14. This lil' one was needy and craved the warm comfort of her mother's BOSOM!!!!!!

    i'm so sorry for spamming my kittens but this one screams everytime i leave and she wouldn't let me wash the DISHES SO I HAD TO CARRY HER IN MY JACKET WHILE I DID HOUSEWORK

    15. These athletes raised awareness for the #AdoptDontShop agenda!!!!!!!

    Colo-Colo players walking onto the pitch with dogs available for adoption

    16. This catto let his hooman help out with some feline upkeep:

    17. And lastly, this airport security dogini did his very best!!!!!!!

    today at the airport one of the drug dogs set off a false alarm and officers rushed over to find out the dog had alerted them for a piece of pizza. the handler just patted his head and goes “it’s okay buddy i know pizza always confuses you” and gave him his treat anyways 🥺🥺🥺