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    23 Pets Who Are Pretty Psyched To Have Their Owners Working From Home

    As purr my last email...

    1. This stern, yet respected manager:

    meetings with my manager are a little different during mandated work from home

    2. This coworker who isn't so great with boundaries, but is working on it!

    Look. I can’t get this across enough. I love my dog, but working from home causes SERIOUS boundary issues lol

    3. This lady who has a tendency to show her b*tthole to conference call attendees:

    Been working remotely for ages and it’s amusing to see people out of their comfort zone as they work from home too! My cat loves to show her bum off to my conference call attendees and text them weird things. Got any conference call stories to share?

    4. This guy who insisted that his hooman *DID* need those two bookmarks!!!

    I've been working from home for only an hour and a half now and my cat has already accidentally added two bookmarks to my browser because of his inability to fuck off.

    5. This handsome office sweetheart!!!!!!

    6. This executive who turned a company video call into a livestream of feline antics:

    Working from home for the foreseeable future and my Zoom meeting camera has already become a dedicated live feed of my cat being cute sleeping or cleaning.

    7. This new hire who's already on their third cup!!!!!!!

    Best thing about working from home? My cat sitting on my laptop trying to drink my coffee.

    8. This helpful guy who offered to man his hooman's desk:

    So the dog has decided to work from home ...

    9. This lovely Guinea Gurl™, Pearl, who has made herself at home in her new workspace:

    #remoteworking means Pearl the guinea pig can join me crushing those work tasks 💪🏻

    10. This working dogini who has already beat the system:

    work from home dog decided this was optimal place to receive max amount of pets

    11. This assistant reporter who is doing her best to get a juicy story (and a ball toss):

    Me, working from home: well let me know if you have any more questions Reporter: Will do. I think your cat has some. Tangtang: *continues begging me to throw her ball*

    12. Frank here whose end-of-year review described him as "capable, yet needy":

    My dog likes it when I work from home. But today Frank is being extra needy. Aww❤❤ Its cause Gracie stole his dog bed

    13. This higher-up who's doing their part by motivating their colleague:

    Working from home and struggling to get out of bed and work at a desk?? Have you considered acquiring a cat to forcibly displace you from the bed

    14. This lady who occasionally required some additional support:

    Work from home, they said. You’ll just be as productive. Clearly they haven’t met my dog, who requires me to hold her paws.

    15. This dashing diapered ~executive~:

    There is so much conversation about people working from home with the company of cats and dogs. I’m here to add diversity.

    16. This assistant who DOES 👏 NOT 👏 UNDERSTAND 👏 THE 👏 CONCEPT 👏 OF 👏 WFH!!!!! 👏

    thoughts and prayers to everyone out there trying to work from home with a pet that does not understand the concept

    17. This team that seems rather inseparable:

    When you work from home and have too many pets

    18. *~The Office Gossip™~*:

    Enforced work from home today. Enjoying gossiping with my coworker.

    19. This worker who just thinks you could be a liiiiiittle more professional, that's all:

    My colleague always seems annoyed when I work from home.

    20. This colleague who does the bare minimum required of her, but we love her anyway:

    Meet my work from home coworker. Mostly she sleeps, occasionally looks at the fan as though it is a bird of prey, and then, as the sun goes down, she stares at me until I have provided food.

    21. This dude who JUUUUST wants to sit on your keyboard:

    My work from home coworker is upset I won’t let him sit on my keyboard while I work.

    22. This coworker who just might have a Hairball Resources case against her:

    My work-from-home coworker demands pets and chin scritches between stories. Might have to report her to HR (Hairball Resources)

    And in conclusion:

    Video calls when people are working from home are a waste if I don’t get to see their pets