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    21 Dog Posts To Sustain You Through The Week

    Beware of ~~~The Vacuum™~~~.

    1. This doggo was ready to steal your girl:

    i know this dog doesn’t bark. he says “ah ha ha” instead

    2. This pupper got a lil' sting on his snoot:

    This is Melly. She tried to eat a wasp. Thought it was a jalapeño sky raisin. 13/10 would boop with an ice pack

    3. This was a classic case of a Weenie in a Web™:

    Was wondering why my dog was so quiet and

    4. THIS RESCUE DOGGO SAVED THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    insane footage of a dog rescuing a trapped skier

    5. This BIG BOY *booped* this lil' *bean*:

    This is hands down the purest video I have ever seen


    So my dog know he not supposed to be on my bed but he sneak on it and does this 😡😡😡

    7. "Toto" made his stage debut and—:

    AT THIS PERFORMANCE, the role of Toto will be played by:


    9. This lil' Aussie bb bopped along to some Post Malone:

    10. This lil' bully boo was on her hoe sh*t:

    me: no hoe shit tonight me after one white claw:

    11. This pupper had an allergic reaction and was fine, but PRODUCED THIS HELLISH SOUND:

    I cannot get over this video the dog ate a flower and had an allergic reaction and it sounds LIKE THIS

    12. This ~invasive species~ started popping up in glorious meadows everywhere:

    13. HE 👏 SAID 👏 HENLO!!!!!! 👏

    Me coming home to my dog after being gone for 5 minutes

    14. This floof WENT 👏 OFF 👏:


    only the best for this dog on his birthday (redditor : u/terriblem86)

    16. This dogini faced the fearful wrath of The Vacuum™:

    The dogs keep jumping the fence, a solution has been found🐶😁

    17. This golden nug gave the sweetest *~lil' embrace~*:

    18. This dog *existed*:

    19. This guy just tried to wash his Jeep, but alas...:

    i can't even wash my dang jeep (Brett Gerald FB)

    20. This retiree took some senior stimks on this HOMEMADE TRAIN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone deserves a little fun in life, even stray dogs. Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree, noticed that people were abandoning their elderly dogs near his his barn in Texas so he took them in, built a train to take them out on excursions and the rest is history!! ❤ ❤ 🐾

    21. And finally, this isn't really a *post*, but just a lil' doggo factoid I thought you guys might like!!!!!!! 💖💖💖