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    18 Very Goob Dog Posts That Everyone Should See This Week

    "Happy ball want outside." —Ancient doggo proverb

    1. This week, this abandoned pupper (and bonus abandoned kitten) found a home AND each other!!!!!!!!

    Still not sure how this could be, but I found both an abandoned kitten and, independently, an abandoned puppy on Halloween. They are now bonded, and abandoned no more.

    2. This lil' shiber proudly showed off his new puploma:

    3. This doggo formed REAL 👏 SENTENCES 👏 IN 👏 ENGLISH!!!!!!! 👏

    Dog learns to talk by using buttons that have different words, actively building sentences by herself

    4. This homie really did shoot his Shot™:

    My homie said you’re cute lol he kinda shy tho, that’s him over there My homie:

    5. This BIG 👏 BOYE 👏 waited patiently:

    me patiently waiting for someone who’s going to come into my life and not waste my time

    6. This dogini got himself the freshest of cuts:

    barber : what'll it be ? dog : just make me look like a good boy barber : i gotchu (missfancyfunk/lawrencethebarber IG)

    7. These two dealt with a moral dilemma:

    max and murphy have a conversation about how to help their hooman and it's too funny (max.and.murph IG)

    8. *Missy Elliott voice* HEAD BANGA:

    In my 2 days on Tik Tok, I’ve officially found the greatest video on the internet

    9. JUNO 👏 TRIED 👏 HER 👏 BEST 👏:

    This is Juno. She’s new to fetch but is trying her best and that’s all we can really ask for tbh. 13/10

    10. This puggo performed a very convincing and critically-acclaimed sleep scene:

    this is the most theatrical sleepy i have ever seen (yingy.zu : tiktok)

    11. This CHÖNK waited for her crush to make a move:

    girls waiting for you to shoot your shot after they liked one photo

    12. This bean's Halloween costume arrived late — however, it did NOT go to waste!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Jax. His costume got lost in the mail. Didn’t arrive until today. Was wondering if everyone would be ok with celebrating again. 13/10

    13. THIS!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!

    14. He sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid:

    this is leny, leny likes to slide down hills (leny_the_retriever IG)

    15. These lil' cumulus bebes flocked to the big CUMULONIMBUS BOYE!!!!!!!!!!

    16. This lil' pittie acted as peacekeeper:

    17. This stimker IMMEDIATELY regretted his decision:

    18. And lastly, I'll just leave you with this:

    I have watched this approximately 9,345,678 times so far today