14 Dog Posts From This Week That Are Basically Self-Care

    Behold, the Pugcake™!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This Shibe asserted his authority with this undeniable power move:

    When my dog wants attention he gently bites a piece of furniture, holds perfectly still, and makes aggressive eye contact. It’s pretty weird and very funny. Also it works.

    2. This speckled boye's attack on Pikachu all happened so fast:

    my brother got a pikachu suit and my dog attacked him

    3. HE EVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. He looked at all those chimkens:

    this is our farm dog Captain. he points at the chickens every day and we don’t know why lol

    5. This floof showed off his orthodontist's handiwork on ~dem teefies~:

    This dog has the straightest teeth I’ve ever seen

    6. This chonker saved his hooman from a veeeeeeeeery risky cheesing:

    I almost killed my boyfriend with a slice of cheese

    7. This Pugcake™ was debuted to an eager onlooker:

    8. This beagle-y bb attempted to throw off his reflection with some intricate butt wiggles:

    This is Ziggy. The dog in the mirror won’t stop copying him. Not even the reverse wiggle threw him off. 14/10 please pick him pup

    9. He preZOOMably ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!

    “Wanna see me run really fast around the house? Wanna see me do it again?”

    10. This floofernutter met a loyal stan!!!!!!!!!

    11. This pupper who just wanted a sploosh buddy:

    he nods towards the puddle at the end of this as if he’s saying “you not coming in?” lmao

    12. This pupper craved a tasty midnight snacco:

    This morning my dog heard the fridge open so he got out of bed and came to look for a snack. When he didn’t find anything, he grabbed his blanket (so it wouldn’t fall off) and went back to bed.

    13. Louie here attempted the infamous Bubble Boop™:

    This is Louie. He didn’t want to miss the great bubble migration. Only occurs every few years. Managed to eat a few. 13/10 good boy Louie


    All I see is a good boy doing his best.