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17 Quizzes For Anyone Who Just Feels Like Planning Their Wedding Right Now

Don't even have a significant other yet? Unimportant!

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ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of cute, wholesome, and relaxing quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. "We Know How Old You’ll Be When You Get Married Based on the Wedding Venue You Design"

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Wanna find out when you'll get married while designing your dream wedding? Take the quiz here.

2. "Tell Us Your Feelings About These Popular Wedding Trends and We'll Reveal What Kind of Bride You'll Be"

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Let's judge some wedding trends. Take the quiz here!

3. "Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Reveal the Cost of Your Future Wedding Ring"

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Do you have expensive taste? Find out here.

4. "The Wedding Dress You Design Will Reveal How Expensive Your Future Wedding Will Be"

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Time to crunch the hypothetical numbers! Take the quiz here.

5. "Design a Hipster Wedding to Find Out When and Where You'll Actually Get Married"

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More of an aspiring hipster bride? Boy, do we have a quiz for you! Take it here.

6. "Pick Songs for Your Wedding and We'll Tell You What Venue You'll Get Married At"

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Make your dream wedding playlist here!

7. "We'll Tell You What Kind of Wedding Dress You Should Wear — Plan Your Ideal Wedding to Find Out"

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In need of some dress ideas to pin? Take this quiz!

8. "Do You Share the Same Wedding Dress Opinions as Everyone Else?"

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Wanna see how your wedding tastes line up with everyone else's? Find out here.

9. "Plan a Wedding and We'll Tell You Which Season to Get Married In"

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Unsure of which season you should have your future nuptials in? Take this quiz to figure it out!

10. "Plan Your Wedding and We'll Reveal Your Engagement Ring"

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I know you're curious!!! Take the quiz here.

11. "Rate These Wedding Dresses and We'll Reveal When You'll Meet Your Soulmate"

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Rate some wedding dresses (and find out when you'll meet your soulmate) here!

12. "Wanna Know Your Soulmate's Last Name? Plan Your Dream Wedding to Find Out"

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Wanna find out your soulmate's last name? Then quick, take this quiz!!!

13. "Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Give You a First Dance Song"

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Get your first dance song recs here!

14. "Describe Your S.O. and We'll Tell You What Your Wedding Colors Should Be"

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Can't decide on your future wedding colors? Click here for some help.

15. "Rate Nontraditional Wedding Dresses and We'll Reveal Your Perfect Wedding Venue"

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Into more nontraditional wedding options? Click here to take this quiz.

16. "Wanna Know What Your Wedding Theme Should Be? Just Choose Some Aesthetic Photos to Find Out"

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If you're into ~aesthetics~ and marital bliss, you should def take this quiz.

17. "Your Answers to These Questions Will Reveal What Your Wedding Cake Will Look Like"

Igorkopakov / Getty Images

Take this wedding cake reveal quiz here!