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    I'm Doing It...I'm Bringing Up Dua Lipa's Abs

    Truly sickening.

    So, Dua Lipa: We know her, we love her, we respect her amendments to fuckboy legislation.

    Well ANYWHO, this morning, Dua Insta'd a video that simultaneously FLOORED ME and made my muscles crave an Icy Hot STAT:

    Immediately, I realized this created a natural segue for me to publicly address Dua Lipa's sickening abs.

    Because they are SICKENING.


    And we owe it to Dua to give her abs the recognition they deserve.

    'Cause like...UMMMMMM?!?!?!?!?!


    How do muscles even do that THING?

    THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Instagram: @dualipa / Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

    For a while, I was convinced it was witchery...

    ...but now we know. And I can't stop thinking about it:

    Dua's muscle definition is all that matters to me.

    Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    That's it. I'm watching an ab workout YouTube video when I get home. You can't change my mind.

    In conclusion, Dua's abs.

    Thank you...

    ...and goodnight.

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