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31 Pet Halloween Costumes That Were So Cute, They Caused The Internet To Collectively Implode

I mean, just LOOK AT 'EM!!!

1. Everyone, behold: Dogatello!!!!!!!

2. This Dirty Dancing couples costume that really highlights some key hair similarities:

3. This glorious feline-arachnid hybrid of sorts:

everyone look at the Halloween costume my sister got for her cat

Twitter: @indiasmess

4. This lil bean's head on a platter:

5. This lil' SEAL CUB BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Butter, as ✨butter✨:

7. The Grinch and Max (done with truly remarkable effort!!!!!!):

8. A martini 😌:

9. This lil' doctor who looks ready to scrub in!!!!!!!!

the new hospital dogs are getting their pictures taken and

Twitter: @gabrielle_le_

10. This *quite* adorable bowl of cereal:

11. Halloween Dog™:

12. E.T., OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. This IRL Lisa Frank dog, done with pet-safe dye!!!

14. The most Dobby-licious Dobby to ever Dobby:

15. This low-effort costume that is HIGH IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. This lil' sweet dragon that could breathe fire on me and I would simply say thank you 😌:

17. Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, but in dog form:

18. Marty the dog, but as Marty McFly!!!!!!

19. This floofy reimagining of Chewbacca!!!!!!

20. Just a cute lil' spooky kitten, that's all!!!

21. A kiss with TEEEEEEEF!!!!!!!!!!

22. Cubone The Corgi™:

23. This puppaccino!!!

24. Hank, current owner and operator of the Kissing Booth 💖:

25. This very teeny, tiny Pennywise!!!

26. This lil' herd of half-kitten, half-bats:

27. Bear, the lion!!!

28. Yet another example of a low-effort costume that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!!!!!!!

29. This batty French bulldog!!!

30. This lil' bb pirate, complete with hook and permanent scowl:

31. And lastly, this lil' witchy bird of sorts!!!!!!!!!

By all means, please show us your pet's best Halloween costume in the comments!!!

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