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    We Tried The Victoria's Secret Angels' Workout And It Included A Crotch Ball

    "Are we Gigi and Bella yet?"

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    Hi, we're Syd and Ryan and we're both into fitness, but on, like, different ~levels.~

    But with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show coming up on Nov. 8, we both got curious about the workouts the Angels must do to get those bangin' bodz.

    Carlos Alvarez / Dimitrios Kambouris / Cindy Ord / Dominik Bindl / Getty

    From left to right, these are Angels Blanca Padilla, Devon Windsor, Nadine Leopold, Romee Strijd, and Hannah Ferguson.

    Through some Insta stalking, we figured out that several of the girls train with Stephen Pasterino, owner and founder of P.volve gym. Obvi, we reached out about trying his workout ourselves!!!

    1. The Thigh Dip and Sculpt


    Works: Full body

    Directions: Slowly lunge leg back, keeping foot on glider, eight times per leg.

    Syd: For the first move, I tried to concentrate on keeping my movements slow and controlled. It definitely felt weird: It seemed like I was moving muscles I’d never really thought about before...?

    Ryan: Starting with these right away was kind of a challenge, just because I’m so used to fast-paced cardio or lifting. This exercise required patience and concentration, which are two traits I don’t really possess. The slower and more precise I did the moves, the more I could feel my muscles being worked.

    2. Defined Abs


    Works: Full body

    Directions: Get in push-up position keeping feet on gliders. Slowly glide each foot towards chest, alternating legs. Repeat eight times.

    Syd: I HATE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. I possess exactly .2% upper body strength, so this was embarrassing. My strained forehead vein was very much evident after this one.

    Ryan: This was like a monstrous combo of a plank, pushup, and upside-down sit-up. Again, it was all about being slow, precise, and making sure your movements were isolated. Every time we weren’t controlled, Stephen would definitely let us know.

    3. Tone, Tap & Tighten


    Works: Lower body

    Directions: Center your body with cylinder about a foot away. Slowly extend leg above the cylinder, then lightly tap it. Again, slowly, bring leg back towards body. Repeat eight times per leg.

    Syd: I pride myself on having pretty strong legs, but they proved utterly USELESS during this lateral movement exercise. I slightly regretted telling Stephen to train us exactly like he would an actual VS Angel.

    Ryan: OMG. I was literally amazing at these. I am giving myself props because they were so fucking hard, and I now think I’m qualified to teach a class of these exercises.

    4. Lower Body Burn


    Works: Hips, glutes, thighs

    Directions: Stand with both feet on stepper. Step one foot forward onto core board. Step back leg off stepper, landing at a 45-degree angle from the stepper. Raise back leg up and to a neutral position.

    Syd: This one was easier, but required A LOT of balance — something I possess very little of. I really had to concentrate on going slowly and focusing my energy on my core and butt.

    Ryan: So, this one was all about balance. I felt like I was completely wasted while doing these. At first, I was stumbling and unbalanced. BUT…once I gained that flow and rhythm, they proved to be a pretty useful exercise for your legs and core.

    5. Elevate & Elongate


    Works: Full body

    Directions: Start on stepper. As you extend into full push, bring other leg forward onto core board. Using the momentum from back leg, drive your hands into a press.

    Syd: The arm bands were DEFINITELY my favorite!!! I felt so strong doing this move and had a lot of fun, but didn’t feel particularly challenged.

    Ryan: Out of all the exercises, this was my favorite. I think because I finally got into the hang of going slow and steady, rather than trying to rush through the agony of the workout. I also loved this exercise because it worked both your legs and your arms.

    6. P.ball Booty Perk


    Works: Glutes, thighs, lower core

    Directions: Wearing your P.ball, stand on wooden block and get in squat position. Stick your butt out and channel tension to butt, NOT thighs. Step one foot off the block and onto the stepper and squat slowly. Return to neutral. Repeat eight times per leg.

    Syd: The P.ball (which I lovingly referred to as the Crotch Cruncher) was, uh…interesting. I felt pretty uncomfy shoving it up there in front of a bunch of strangers, but then I looked over at Ryan and felt better about myself.

    Ryan: Working out with a ball under my balls was definitely a treat. This was my least favorite.

    7. Inner Thigh Torcher


    Works: Inner glutes, inner thighs, lower core

    Directions: Traditional hip raises, wearing P.ball. Channel tension into butt.

    Syd: The hip raises made me think about my muscles in a different way — Stephen told us to squeeze the P.ball with our butts instead of our thighs. Even though I’m not sure if I did this right, I’ve never concentrated on my butt cheeks so hard.

    Ryan: The Pball definitely added resistance and balance to this exercise. I felt like I was working out and giving birth at the same time — but definitely felt it in my inner thighs and core.

    8. P.ball Butt Blaster


    Works: Inner glutes, inner thighs, lower core

    Directions: Lift legs 90 degrees from body. Clench P.ball with butt/thigh muscles.

    Syd: These I felt a lot — I also felt weird having Stephen looking on like a concerned midwife.

    Ryan: Stephen said guys sometimes have trouble with this one, and I can see why. It definitely wasn’t the most comfortable experience, but you feel your core and butt being worked.

    9. Batwing Eraser


    Works: Upper body, shoulder triceps, back

    Directions: Step one foot to the right (or left), while slowly extending the same-side arm into a 45-degree angle.

    Syd: These arm bands were awesome!!! My arms were super sore the next day, and I’m decently sure that it was because of this exercise — those bands were tighter than they look in these pics!

    Ryan: PLEASE look at our faces in this exercise. By now, we had worked, like, every muscle in our body and we thought we were fitness gurus. (But also were, like, insanely exhausted.)

    10. Arms Tight, Thighs Toned


    Works: Arms, shoulders, lower core, top of thigh

    Directions: Same thing as above exercise. Extend arm and lift knee until they meet.

    Syd: Adding the leg lift into this turned this move into a great full-body moment! I’d definitely do this alone in my apartment and feel somewhat physically accomplished.

    Ryan: This exercise was great because it worked our arms and core in a slow, isolated way. By now our muscles were feeling evvvverything.

    Our final thoughts: Worth it!!!!!

    To stream some P.volve workouts for yourself, click here.

    You can also purchase the equipment we used in the P.volve starter pack for $79.99.

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