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    28 Useless Design Fails That Scream, "Go Girl, Give Us Nothing!"

    Go girl, give us nothing!

    1. This expiration date:

    2. This water bottle that gatekeeps how much water is actually in it:

    3. These plastic-wrapped bananas that beg the question, "Why?":

    4. These chips that you can order with or without chips:

    5. This ladder cosplaying as a "security gate":

    6. This locker that is physically incapable of holding a backpack:

    7. This colander that'll always trap a lil' pasta, and that's a promise!

    8. This question that can only truly be answered with "Yes" or "No":

    9. These "jeans":

    10. This trash can that owes us an explanation......??!??!!

    11. This clock that truly does ✨give us nothing✨:

    12. These cards that were positively RAVAGED by the modern plague that is minimalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. These alphabetically ordered floors ❤️:

    14. This lift that uses only the soundest of logic:

    15. This

    16. Never mind a gender's time for an IP ADDRESS REVEAL!!!!!!!!! 😌💅

    17. This mouse pad that's more or less just a figment of the imagination:

    18. This sinister, unexplained warning(...?):

    19. These stoplights:

    20. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. This very quick and concise driver safety warning!

    22. This field that will be fun to play basketball on...and by fun, I mean difficult and unnecessary!

    23. These very digestible hours of operation:

    24. This elevator whose villain origin story we will never know:

    25. No comment here:

    26. This graph that isn't at all visually incomprehensible:

    27. This bike lane/immediate death sentence:

    28. And lastly, off ❤️:

    H/T r/CrappyDesign