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    21 Unintentionally Horrifying Pictures You Definitely Shouldn't Look At If You Know What's Good For You

    *frantically turns on night-light*

    1. This sp00ky dental thing that I HAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    This turn of the century dental phantom from oddlyterrifying

    2. These guys that kinda look like the penguins from Madagascar but cross-bred with humans, which again, is horrific:

    After removing the masks off these practice CPR dummies to clean them. from oddlyterrifying

    3. This *extremely literal* nightmare fuel:

    This Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell from oddlyterrifying

    4. THIS RIVER BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This wet dog from oddlyterrifying


    Potatoes left in a net for 3 month from oddlyterrifying

    6. I'm not sure which I'm more afraid of, the army of cicada shells or the child who has willingly arranged them like so:

    This persons child built a cicada skin army. from oddlyterrifying

    7. Again, another hideously creative use of cicada shells:

    A creature made entirely of cicada shells. from oddlyterrifying

    8. This portal of lost souls:

    Just some regular rubber gloves washing accidentally opened the gate of hell from oddlyterrifying

    9. These "trapped spirits" inside a couch:

    Imagine seeing this without knowing your kid had done it from oddlyterrifying

    10. This sunken boat complete with eerie sails!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The sails would still move in the currents from oddlyterrifying

    11. This haunting Pennywise omen:

    I work graveyard at the mall alone this was in the middle of the floor at 4 am this morning. from oddlyterrifying

    12. This "Wear a Mask" sign that honestly feels like more of a threat than a reminder:

    This sign asking people to wear a mask. Its on the wall outside a classroom. Saw it on the news this evening. from oddlyterrifying

    13. These *Mister Crocker from The Fairly Oddparents voice* FOREST FLOOR FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This bizarre fungus, Dead Mans Finger grows on decaying trees from interestingasfuck

    14. This LOOOOOONG BOYE™ who is coming to devour both treats and souls!!!!!!!!!

    This slender dog from oddlyterrifying

    15. This ghostly forest dweller:

    This moose in the fog from oddlyterrifying

    16. Two words: BLACK 👏 CARROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Everyone hates my black carrot. from oddlyterrifying

    17. This army ready to overthrow a BBQ:

    Coconut crabs crashing a BBQ cause the smell drew them in from oddlyterrifying

    18. DON'T LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The amount of birds in Rome from oddlyterrifying

    19. These *shivers* FISH MOUTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These fish waiting to be fed from oddlyterrifying

    20. These frightening sliced peppers:

    The way these peppers were cut from oddlyterrifying

    21. And lastly, this harrowing cross-species face swap:

    I was told you guys might like this from oddlyterrifying

    H/T r/oddlyterrifying

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